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IETM Publication on Inclusion: what have we learned and what’s next. Your input is welcome!


Deadline: 15 September 2019


Inclusion has been at the heart of IETM’s activities since a couple of years now. Most of our plenaries and satellites have hosted discussions on various angles of the inclusion theme. We have produced a few publications on gender, integration of migrants, disability in the performing arts and more. The ambition to make our sector more inclusive has also guided our advocacy activities. 

In 2019, IETM is organising three meetings on the topic of inclusion:

  • In March, IETM Plenary in Hull explored the reality of inclusion in today’s societies, in their artistic representations and in the process of creation. 
  • In May, IETM Satellite in Milan focused on language as a political and social concept and a backbone of accessibility in the arts, with a particular emphasis on the position of sign languages across the globe.
  • In October, IETM Plenary in Rijeka will put the inclusion of the audience in the centre, challenge the neoliberal idea of participation in the arts and highlight meaningful audience experience.

The next step will be to put in a nutshell and synthesise the knowledge we have gathered and generated so far and produce a report based mainly on the outcomes of the three meetings mentioned above, but complemented with most pivotal insights gained through our longer inclusion journey.

As a further contribution, IETM would like to invite its members to reflect on that journey from their specific point of view and make suggestions for the future which will help our network to challenge and deepen the topic.

Each essay (maximum 1500 words) should take on a certain subject within the vast realm of inclusion.  

Please send your suggestions to [email protected] by September 15th. Please outline briefly your experience / expertise / interest in the topic of inclusion and provide us, if possible, with an idea about your writing skills.

We will select 10-15 authors, and each will be paid € 100 for their contribution. 

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