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International Youth Workshop on Cultural Management (Zagreb, Croatia): Apply Now


JM International is looking for exceptional young people (aged 18-23) from across Europe, with passion for cultural management and/or music event management to undergo an exciting training on December 10-11 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

The training will be organised in the context of Imagine Festival 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. Imagine is the all-styles music competition for young artists that takes a different approach to the typical ‘music competition’. By promoting musical quality, originality, diversity, creativity, safe-sound and gender issues, Imagine creates a unique platform for young musicians to gain professional experience in a positive environment that enables them to develop their musical careers, self confidence and understanding of different peoples and cultures. All events have an educational/social dimension including trainings, workshops and master-classes from industry professionals.

Imagine Festival 2016 will be inviting 20 young cultural managers from across Europe to under go a two-day training on music event management, with the core themes:

  • Audience Development
    (attracting new audiences, growing audiences)  
  • Gender equality in music
    (Gender considerations when planning cultural events) 
  • Lifelong Learning
    (Developing the Key Competences of young Cultural Managers)
  • Sustainable practices in cultural management
    (New Business Models, Fundraising, Public Support)  

The training shall consist of 4 half day sessions covering a total duration of 12 hours. Accommodation, travel costs and meals are covered by the organiser. 

The deadline to apply is 27 November 2016.

More details and info on how to apply here.