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Open Call for Performative Residency in Vienna


Deadline: December 15, 2019

Obraz może zawierać: co najmniej jedna osoba, ludzie tańczą, ludzie siedzą, buty i w budynku

photo: https://www.facebook.com/TanzCompanyGervasi/photos/rpp.327715870765199/1105762809627164/?type=3&theater


In January/February 2020 Tanz Company Gervasi is hosting two residencies in their big studio in Vienna for artistic research in performance and dance.

We are looking for dancers, performers, performance artists or artists that are planning to work with performance and movement (M/F/ all ages). Solo artists and groups both welcome.

Emerging artists or with no/or little funding will be preferred.


  • Residency for movement/ choreography/ performative research/ laboratory/ improvisation (no spoken theater).
  • The result of the residency should be mainly a live performance.
  • The participation is free and only upon invitation.


Residency 1 January/February:

27 January – 15 February, 2020

Residency 2 February/March:

16 – 28 March, 2020

Required is a public Showing at the end of each residency.

WHERE: Studio RAUM 33, Laxenburger Straße 28-30, 1100 Vienna

Close to the city center via subway station U1 “Keplerplatz” and to the main train station “Wien Hauptbahnhof” with direct connection  to the airport.

Application for residency (in English or German):  Email to [email protected]

Deadlines Application: DECEMBER 15, 2019

  • CV (short version) with a photo (head shot or group picture)
  • Link to Website and contact details

  • 1 minute video with proposal/improvisation of the new work (a simple self-made smartphone video is enough, preferably via weTransfer, youtube or vimeo; moving, not just posing)
  • Short text proposal of the new work (300 characters)
  • General artist statement or portfolio (text: max. 100 characters)
  • 1-3 images of the new work CAN be applied
  • Subject of the new work is totally free but performative approach is required (no spoken theater).
  • The residency is free and only for applicants with invitation.
  • Please only apply if you are available for the whole period.
  • You can apply for both periods but can only be invited for one period.

The residency includes:

  • Studio space* including heating and basic technical equipment for daily use (day and night work possible) 
  • One public showing with light technician at the end of the period
  • Invitation to the showing via our newsletter and Facebook.
  • If needed: Small apartment with one bedroom for 1-2 people next to the studio.
  • The studio space:
  • 9,50 m wide, 15 m long, 5 m high (no pillars)
  • Floor: fixed black dance floor
  • (Audience) platform for 30 max. 50 people
  • Mezzanine, quiet location with daylight, courtyard
  • Music: stereo system. (Bring your own player, laptop etc.)
  • Lights: Normal studio lights (theater spotlights are available for the showing)
  • Small Kitchen, 1 shower, 1 separate toilette, dressing area

Not covered:

– Extra Accommodation costs
– Travel costs


For further information about Tanz Company Gervasi visit: https://www.facebook.com/TanzCompanyGervasi
www.vimeo.com (Tanz Company Gervasi)