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Open Call: SE.S.TA Coaching Residencies for Choreographers 2018 (Prague, Czech Republic)


Deadline: 13 May 2018

23 – 31 August 2018 Prague
Studio Alta | HAMU | National Gallery in Prague


International choreographic residencies under the guidance of experimented and world-renowned coaches. We are currently accepting applications for the eleventh year.

About the project

Choreographers come to the residencies with their own projects which they want to develop during the stay in cooperation with an experienced artist ("coach"). The goal of the residence is not forming of dancers, nor the aesthetic aspect of the expression, but gaining new points of view on own creative work, space and possibility to deepen its individual elements or to seek new ways of expressing artistic intention. The whole residence has the form of a dialogue of choreographers and coaches who direct them.

The participating choreographers use as material for work within the residence projects they currently work on. The coaches will see the initial material on a previously sent video so that they could get to understand the choreographers' inner worlds and their ways of perception. During the residence, the participants analyze individual elements of the choreographies and define their content. In cooperation with their coaches they again identify the important things and new directions for development.

The residence take ten days and apart from intensive coaching of the choreographers it also included lecture afternoon and final Work in progress, presentations of the working process in the residence to public. The goal od Work in progress is not to present a final product or an individual choreography, but a stage of the creative process.



Artistic coaching during residential workshops brings participants a shift in thinking about artistic creation and its process.


  • Morning training session (opened for public)
  • Group work in the studio with the coaches (4 – 6 hours daily)
  • Two-hour discussion in the evening
  • One-day seminar with lectures and video screenings
  • Public presentation of the choreographic project


Practical information:

We offer:

  • Dance studio of sufficient capacity for their interpreters
  • Supervision of a professional coach
  • Peer-to-peer cooperation with other choreographers
  • Constructive discussion and feedback
  • Conferences and lectures by experts from various fields
  • DVD records of the work of progress
  • Meeting with the audience
  • International networking
  • Sharing know-how and possibilities leading to actual results
  • Half of the Travel costs covered 
  • Help with finding an affordable accommodation (we do not cover accommodation costs)

Workshop Fee: 150 EUR (the cost of accommodation is not included)


Find out more at www.se-s-ta.cz