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Open Call: Water Festival 2018 (Burgas, Bulgaria)


Deadline: August 10, 2017

Zdjęcie użytkownika Petya Stoykova.

for participation in second edition of WATER contemporary art festival 2018
14-16 September 2018, Swimming Pool of Youth Cultural Center, BURGAS

Festival application is open to all contemporary orientated artists from Bulgaria and abroad. We are especially looking for works of:

  • Installation
  • Video art
  • Exhibitions
  • Site specific actions and design
  • Small performing actions
  • Sound design
  • Other interesting happenings with focus of audience interaction

The artistic works must be appropriate or created for the specific space of the festival, which are:
labyrinth festival space including a indoor swimming pool with measuring 25 x 12.5 meters and a host of smaller rooms - 2 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, Boiler room, Shooting range , Fitness room, Bathrooms, Sauna Room, Corridors, Staircase and other spaces. During the festival, the pool will be empty.

We looking for proposals from Bulgarian and international authors who:

  • Can be located in the proposed space
  • Require a minimal budget
  • Will not permanently damage or permanently change the material base they use

The organizers will provide:

  • Travel costs only in Bulgaria / bus, train or car trip / and accommodation for the selected participants. International travel costs will be provided for a minimal number of selected participants.
  • Minimal budget of selected works /negotiable after selection/

Please send written proposal including:

  • Information about the autor /artistic team 
  • Information about the artistic proposal and accompanying materials
  • budget , number of participants in the presentation, technical requirements
  • any other relevant material

[email protected] or via the Facebook page of the event https://www.facebook.com/waterfestburgas/
until August 10, 2017

More about the event:
The works will be located in the pool area and the surrounding area. They will happen simultaneously or sequentially in different spaces / atmospheres. Viewers will go through the presentations in a sequence chosen by them.
The main program of the event will present performances of Bulgarian and international authors in the big swimming pool basin /emptied of water/.
Video from the spaces and the festival puzzle of the first edition "WATER" can be found here:
The "WATER" Contemporary Arts Festival is organized by Youth Cultural Center - Bourgas and "Dance BG" Association with the support of Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria, Burgas Municipality and "Burgas likes the Youth"

Mail: [email protected]
Contact Phones: 0898912545, Petya Stoykova - Artistic Director of the Festival, Manager of "Dance BG" Association
0878151185, Katia Delchilova - Director of Youth Cultural Center - Burgas