East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Registration is open for the 22nd International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival Stuttgart, Germany


Application deadline: 11th November 2017


Competition for contemporary choreographers and young dancers

15th – 18th March 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany


The festival will provide an overall view of the latest trends in the solo-dance-theatre scene. As participants in the competition, choreographers and dancers from around the world, are requested to perform a solo piece which is new, original, imaginative, unique and which displays unusual achievement. The respected jury will judge choreographic and dance skills as well as musicality, interpretation and performance.
In March 2016 the International-Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Under the artistic direction of Marcelo Santos the competition has been firmly established in the international and contemporary dance scene for the last twenty years.  
The large number of applications from all over the world, the tremendous response from the press and spectators as well as the internationality of the participants and jury members show the prestige of the festival.


Conditions of entry

1. Choreographers may participate in the competition with a solo piece that is presented either as a premiere or hasn’t been performed on stage for the first time before March 2017. The duration of the performance has to be between 9 and 12 minutes. The choreographies should be developed along the lines of a contemporary and genuine movement-language. The applicant is free in choice of subject and music. The piece may be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself. The dancer must be 30 or younger.

2. The application must be filed online until 11th November 2017, 12.00 o’clock midnight CET and is only complete with sending an online link to the choreographic work (also rehearsal) which shall be presented at the festival. Only complete applications which are handed in within the deadline are considered. 

3. There is no entrance fee. A curatorship will select the choreographers and dancers to participate in the competition. Admission to the competition is subject to the organizers’ consent. The successful choreographers and dancers will receive an invitation by 19th December 2017 at the latest. The competitors must confirm acceptance by 5th January 2018. If the competitors do not accept in time, the invitation will become invalid.

4. Competitors are obliged to be available for performances on the four festival days. They agree to be available for rehearsals, interviews, movie and television recordings and photos free of charge. 

5. The event will be broadcast live on the following website: www.treffpunkt-rotebuehlplatz.de

6. The first round decisions of the competition will take place between Thursday and Saturday evening in front of an audience and international jury. The final will be held on Sunday evening. The decision of the jury concerning the nomination for the final will be announced on Saturday evening. The finalists will again present their solo piece on Sunday. All participants will stay until the end of the festival. 

7. The decision of the jury is final. If a competitor is a student or company member of one of the jurors, the particular juror will withhold his vote

8. Prizes to a total value of € 16.000 will be awarded. Before the award winners are paid, the organizer is obliged to deduct tax from the prize money. 

    Choreography                     Performance
    1st prize € 3.500                1st prize € 3.500
    2nd prize € 2.500               2nd prize € 2.500
    3rd prize € 1.500                3rd prize € 1.500

    Public awards
    Public’s First Choice Award € 500
    Public’s Final Choice Award € 500

    Videodance Prize
    production of a dancevideo

9. Technical data
Stage: Size of the stage (dance floor) 10 m x 8,50 m; black dance floor; black curtain with wings: backdrop black or grey stonewall
Light: Front light, backlight warm and cold; wings warm and cold, 1 special
Sound (music): CD, USB

For the stage design only easily transportable equipments whose construction and dismantling don’t delay the program are admitted. A maximum of 75 minutes is available to all competitors preparing the stage, setting the lights and rehearsing on the day of the performance. 

10. The participants will be accommodated in a double bed room which will be shared with an other participant. The organizer takes over the hotel costs (incl. breakfast) and pays a subsidy towards the travel expenses.

11. The award winners agree to give performances in the context of “Gala of Winners”. The tour will take place in Germany from 16th until 26th November 2018. A global fee, travel expenses, overnight costs and catering will be paid. 

If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact us via e-mail to [email protected] or by phone: 0049-(0)711-1873-884.