East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Startup Support Programme for socially engaged cultural NGOs from Eastern Partnership countries, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova


Deadline: 13 November 2018

Trans Europe Halles is a network of people who believe that creativity, grass-roots initiatives and public activism can improve our lives and societies. We are striving to bring a positive change through the cultural revival of post-industrial neighbourhoods and its communities. We believe that our work matters and that it reinforces the future development of independent cultural and creative spaces in Europe.

We have always been supporting those who dare, who are curious and who have imagination. In light of the current situation in Europe, this support is especially crucial. With this idea in mind, we launched the Startup Support Programme last year. This programme is addressing to socially engaged NGOs  that are developing emerging cultural and creative spaces in repurposed buildings.

Within the Startup Support Programme, we carefully look at the challenges each project is having and set up a tailor-made scheme to move towards a sustainable future. This year we will focus on Eastern Partnership countries, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, that have the potential for many inspiring cultural centres and creative hubs.

What is a Startup?

In our vision, a startup is a civic initiative that is situated in a re-purposed industrial building with a focus on creativity, arts and culture along with a Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) approach. It is still in its preliminary-phase, but is already self-sufficient (either economically or due to people’s dedication), though not yet sustainable.

What has been done within the programme so far?

What does the Startup Support Programme do?

From 2017 to 2021, the Startup Support Programme is investing in bringing emerging cultural and creative spaces to their next level of development through:

  • – Expert consultation and coaching for their teams.
  • – Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing involving other emerging spaces in our network.
  • – Networking activities during our Conferences and Meetings
  • – Access to TEH Capacity Building Programme and activities. Check out our Capacity Building Programme
  • – Inspirational case studies of spaces in the startup phase.

For the second edition, we are looking for three emerging cultural and creative spaces from the Eastern Partnership region to take part in the programme. The program will run until July.

Eligible countries are Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

You can apply for this programme if:

  • – You are not a TEH Member or Associate yet.
  • – You are located in one of the three eligible countries mentioned above.
  • – You are legally established as an organisation.
  • – You are repurposing a building for creative, cultural and artistic uses.
  • – You have a legal agreement – or you are in negotiation – with the owner of the building about its future use.
  • – Your organisation has been operating inside the building for less than two years, or you are planning to work in it in 2019.


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