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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Travers: Open call for artists, including performing artists


From the organisers:

TRAVERS is a two-year laboratory for artistic practice and theory, and a journey of exploration into cross-artform creation. Three separates camps provide professional artists, scholars and other people involved in the arts, with an opportunity to come together and take part in an event that crosses disciplines and borders.  

 The third, and currently the last, camp will explore the theme CONFRONT THE FUTURE. Artists and researchers from around the world will explore how the perspective of the future could incite new ideas, work methods and artistic interactions. What stories and processes lie ahead? How do we educate ourselves for the future? What might we learn from coming generations? And where is our current cross artistic practice heading? 

From 1 October we will be accepting applications for the third round of TRAVERS, which will take place at the international arts centre Copenhagen Contemporary between 27 May  6 June 2020. 

 The examination will be qualified by a number of hosts from both Denmark and abroad. Together with the participants, the hosts will examine how their artistic practice can have an impact on the future, and vice versa. CONFRONT THE FUTURE will consist of workshops and seminars ranging in length in which artists will undertake a collaborative approach to examine and develop new ideas.

APPLY HEREhttps://ddsks.dk/en/travers  

READ MORE ABOUT CAMP 3: http://travers.world/ 

The deadline to apply is 8 November. More info here.