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11th International Contemporary Dance Summer School, Koszecin, Poland



It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in 11th edition of International Contemporary Dance Summer School which takes place in Koszecin (Poland) in beautiful palace complex – the seat of the „Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensamble.

Date of event: 6-16 July 2016

The 10-day intensive programme enables the dancers to develop their dance technique in the field of Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz and Improvisation. During the workshops they take part in preparing choreographies, and improve their skills in individual and group work. They can also present the results of workshop's work during the final concert.

The pedagogues of modern dance present the latest dance techniques and trends which are in demand on the dance markets of Europe and the world. Pedagogues of  11th edition of International Contemporary Dance Summer School: Mikhail Zubkov, Sergey Soloviev, Minka-Marie Heiß, Kinga Szablowska, Ilona Pułkownik, Chiara Fulgentini, Łukasz Huzik, Isabella Blum, Katarzyna Grysko, Monika Myśliwiec.

The workshops are offered at intermediate and advanced levels.


Silesian Regional Education Centre at the Stanisław Hadyna „Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensemble
Mikhail Zubkov - Poland Artistic Director of the Summer Artistic School

The programme of the International Contemporary Dance Summer School includes:

  • various dance techniques: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Improvisation, supplementary full body training (stretching and the Pilates technique),
  • presentation of the workshops results – final concert,
  • lectures and films on dance

The programme of the International Contemporary Dance Summer School is based on authorial educational programmes of pedagogues – specialists various forms and types of dance.

There are different groups available:

Master Class - advanced workshops are mostly addressed to students and graduates of Ballet Schools. Classical dance takes a special place in the programme, with the classes held by outstanding teachers and choreographers.  The programme offers daily classes in classical dance and ballet literature. This year’s edition of the International Summer Modern Dance School offers Master Class workshops held by Sergey Soloviev (a professor at the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance, France) and Mikhail Zubkov (teacher of classical dance and choreographer at Stanisław Hadyna Zespół Pieśni i Tańca “Śląsk”, Poland).

Modern Intermediate and  Modern Advanced - the workshops are addressed to dancers, instructors, performers, and persons for whom dancing is a passion and a way of life. The programme of the workshops includes modern dance classes held by outstanding teachers that represent different trends and working in different dance techniques. Daily classes are enriched with classical dance, jazz, improvisation, and supplementary techniques – Pilates and stretching. During the workshops, the participants will improve their practical and theoretical knowledge of modern dance, including body awareness, coordination, and muscle memory. The International Summer Modern Dance Schools concludes with the ability to present the results of their work during a gala.

Kids - the workshops for the kids group offer an introductory class for young pupils into the colourful world of dancing by learning the basics and the principles of this art. The kids have the opportunity to work with teachers from Poland and other countries. The daily classes offer an introduction into different techniques of modern dance, jazz, and classical dance. The entire day is filled with dancing and having great fun.

The Artistic Director of the International Summer Modern Dance School decides on qualifying the candidates to the given group.

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