East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

5th session of EEPAP International Theatre Laboratory in Ukraine


The fifth session of the Laboratory, entitled “Repetition”, is held as a part of the DESANT educational project and will take place between 26 November and 3 December in Pryluky and Kachanivka in Ukraine. The Laboratory is co-organised by the “Art-TEMA” Creative Association (ГО "Творче об'єднання "Art-ТЕМА"). The autumn-winter session concludes the two-year-long activity of the Laboratory’s participants. The subject of the meeting is the notion of repetition in its cultural, artistic, philosophical, socio-political aspect, as well as its manifestations in performing arts.
The work to take place at the Pryluky Laboratory has among its objectives the creation of a specific theatrical event which will concern the experiences of the Laboratory’s participants, both as artists and as citizens working in a specific cultural and political context. The work is to be grounded in the materials gathered and produced in the previous four sessions of the Laboratory as well as workshops and lectures on the notion of repetition. The spectacle summing up the two years of the Laboratory, which is to be staged at the Pryluky Cultural Centre on 2 December, is a dialogue between video footage shown on a screen and live performers. Its form is open as a matter of principle, so that it can be repeated in diverse contexts, spaces, and with different performers.
The participants of the Laboratory will also work on their own projects, both individually and in director – dramaturge teams, as well as develop strategies of cooperating in the future.

Organiser: East European Performing Arts Platform/EEPAP
Co-organiser: ГО "Творче об'єднання "Art-ТЕМА"
Coordinators: Joanna Wichowska, Artemiy Anyshchenko
Curator of the DESANT educational project: Joanna Wichowska
Instructors: Joanna Wichowska, Marcin Cecko and partners and lecturers from Ukraine
Subject: the notion of repetition in its philosophical, artistic, socio-political, psychological sense
Participants: a group of 20 Ukrainian theatre directors, playwrights, curators, researchers

EEPAP, Art-TEMA” Creative Association