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ACT Festival of Performing Arts, 7-10 June 2017, Spain


Zdjęcie użytkownika ACT FESTIVAL.

The XIV edition of ACT International Short Pieces Festival is now open for submissions until the 23rd of December.

ACT is a call for emerging artists from the contemporary Performing arts scene. It is not just a Festival but also a Performing Arts Fair since 2011 attended by programmers from all Europe.

The festival will take place in Bilbao and Barakaldo (Spain) from 7th June to 10th of June 2017.

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BAI, Theater School of Bizkaia (Spain)
BAI, Performing arts center

ACT is a call for emerging artists from the contemporary Performing arts scene. ACT is part of a network of European Festivals called IYMA, International Young Makers in Action.

ACT aims to promote and endorse the work of emerging artists and to present it to the media, programmers, directors, professionals and to an open audience.


ACT it is not just a Festival but also a Performing Arts Fair since 2011 attended by programmers from all Europe.

ACT wants to be a meeting point between the professionals from the Performing Arts, Schools, and emerging artists, bridging the gap between the training world and those artists already established. ACT commits to support those creators in taking a risk and looking for new ways of creating.



CONTEST, short pieces from emerging international artists will be showcased. The winners will be awarded with the ACT Prize.

PROGRAMA PEDAGÓGICO, master classes, workshops and talks with different professionals and teachers during the week of the festival.

ACTmosfera, spaces for discussion and sharing between artists and promoters.

ACT Festival covers accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) and free tickets to all the events for the participants during the stay in the festival, but doesn’t cover any travel expenses


Old winners

2015 ACT prize 

  • Jury: Peter Sunesson, Izaskun fernandez, Ana Lopez, Jacqueline Van Benthem, Cristina Celada
  • Winner: Igor Vrebac
  • Title: Homo Sapiens
  • Country: Netherlands – Bosnia

2015 ACT DURI prize 

  • Jury: Peter Sunesson, Izaskun fernandez, Ana Lopez, Jacqueline Van Benthem, Cristina Celada
  • Winner: Cooperativa Maura Morales
  • Title: Wunschkonzert
  • Country: Cuba – Germany

2014 ACT prize 

  • Jury: Itziar Lazkano, Joan Negrié and Nak Hyun Kang
  • Winner: Silbatriz Pons
  • Title: Ni si ni no sino todo lo burlesco
  • Country: Madrid- Spain

2014 ACT DURI prize 

  • Jury: Itziar Lazkano, Joan Negrié and Nak Hyun Kang
  • Winner: Betti Combo
  • Title: Al Cubo
  • Country: France

2013 Short pieces

  • Jury: Carlotta Garlanda, Sleepwalk Collective and Vicente Colomar
  • Winner: Sabine Molenaar
  • Title: That’s It
  • Country: Bélgica

2012 Short pieces

  • Jury: Kate Craddock, Ana Pérez and Igor de Quadra
  • Winner: Ana Mendes
  • Title: Self Portrait
  • Country: UK / Portugal

2011 Short pieces

  • Jury: Amanda Robers, Miguel Oyarzun and Sandra Fdz. Agirre
  • Winner: Alma Söderberg
  • Title: Cosas
  • Country: Suecia

2010 Short pieces

  • Jury: Meritxell Checa, Danielle Groenberg, Carlos Gil, Justi Larrinaga and Arben Zharku
  • Winner: BK Jung Dance Project
  • Title: On the Road
  • País: Corea del Sur

2010 Dantzine

  • Country: Reyes de Lara, Teresa Brayshaw and Nak Kyung Khan
  • Winner: Mohammed Abbassi
  • Title: I am my Mother
  • Country: Irán

2009 Short pieces

  • Jury: Alberto Magno, Lorena Montenegro and Simon Piasecki
  • Winner: Elena LaDolorosa and David Quincoces
  • Title: Los jóvenes no saben lo que es llorar ni pasarse la vida corriendo
  • Country: Euskal Herria

2009 Dantzine

  • Jury: Anne-Lyke van den Elshout, Constanze Rosner and Eva guerrero
  • Winner: Sigridur Soffia
  • Title: Uniform Sierra
  • Country: Islandia

2008 Short pieces

  • Jury: Oihane Espuñez, Maite Agirre and Lauren Atanes
  • Winner: Temple Theatre
  • Title: Out of Chaos
  • Country: UK

2008 Dantzine

  • Jury: Josu Montero, Janine Dijkmejer and Pedro Madoz
  • Winner: Roberta Marques
  • Title: Looking Forward
  • Country: Brasil
  • Mention: Charlotte Griffin
  • Title: Raven Study
  • Country: EEUU

2007 Short pieces

  • Jury: Irantzu Azpeitia, Nina Fadija, Ana Serna and Andrew Loretto
  • Winner: Dejavu Panpin Laborategia
  • Title: Covec nije tica
  • Country: Euskal Herria
  • Mention: Marta Navaridas
  • Title: Look at them Now
  • Country: Euskal Herria

2006 Short pieces

  • Jury: Isabel Blanco, Maria Ibarretxe, Annete van Zwoll and Gonzalo Centeno
  • Winner: Jasmina Krizaj
  • Title:  Zebra In the hair saloon
  • Country: Eslovenia
  • Mention: Cuchillo y Tenedor
  • Title: Spinning-TV
  • Country: España

2005 Short pieces

  • Jury: George Laferriere, Carmen Pardo and Alberto Velasco
  • Winner: Meritxell Checa Esteban
  • Title:  Cuando los poetas desaparecen
  • Country: Catalunya

ACT Festival began in the BAI, School of Performing Arts of Biscay. The school has two headquarters: one in Barakaldo dedicated to the branch of acting and workshops and other one in Bilbao orientated to the production, artistic residences and international studies.

The economic supports that make the festival possible arise from the town halls of Bilbao, and Barakaldo, as well as the Council of Biscay, the area of Culture of the Basque Government and the Department of Culture have supported its financing.

  • Directive Team: Fer Montoya, Joseba Lazkano, Atxarte López de Munain
  • Production: Marta Álvarez, Oihane Espuñez
  • Press: Olatz Gorrotxategi
  • Design: Iñigo Zabaltza, Fer Montoya

This festival would not be possible without the inestimable volunteer work of the students of BAI.


Guggenheim Bilbao, Basque Government, Biscay Deputy Council, Bilbao Council, Barakaldo Council, Creative Europe, IYMA (International Young Makers in Action), AC/E (Cultural Action, Spain)

Background, purpose, idea: 

For the 13th consecutive year, artists from all around the world will exchange ideas, artistic approaches, experiences, and will participate in a pedagogical program that, we believe, will turn out to be very interesting.

This edition of ACT will present new creations, fresh proposals, and once again, none of it will be conventional. ACT will be also geared towards further promotion of the works we have invited to participate. In order to offer this opportunity to these companies we will keep making possible connection between artists and programmers, promoting the exchange of work and information. This will facilitate the long and barren terrain between artistic creation and the distribution of the work.

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