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"Antigone in New York" in Ivan Franko National Theatre, Kiev



writtten by Janusz Glowacki


directing: Andrzej Szczytko

translation: Oleksandr Irvanets

set design and costumes: Tatiana Savina

lightning design: Vlodimir Miankov

music: Gennadiy Frolov

director's assistant: Maya Strunnikova

production assistant: Alexander Polyakh



Anita - Maya Strunnikova

Sasha - Siergiej Bierezhko

Flea - Jevgenij Romanenko

Policeman - Petro Rachynskij 

John - Siergiej Gusiev



New York City, circa 1993, is a far cry from Royal Thebes, but Janusz Glowacki probes parallel themes in "Antigone in New York," which Time magazine named one of the Ten Best Plays of that year. Here homeless, Puerto Rican-born Anita enlists the aid of two "neighbors" to snatch the body of her dead boyfriend, John, before it's consigned to an unmarked grave. Her plan is to bury it in Tompkins Square Park, where the homeless congregate – at least that way he'll be among friends.

The play was premiered at the Taras Schevchenko Acadmic Drama Theatre in Kharkiv (December 2014) and garnered critical acclaim in Ukraine and Poland.

The Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater in Kiev, The Polish Cultural Institute in Kiev
The Taras Schevchenko Academic Drama Theatre in Kharkiv
  • The Polish Cultural Institute in Kiev 
  • Department of Culture and National Heritage at Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region
  • Consualte General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv 
  • Ukraine's Honorary Consualte in Poznan