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Epidaurus Lyceum 2019: Reinventing Ancient Drama (Athens, Greece)





Theme: Reinventing Ancient Drama

2-16 JULY 2019


Established as an educational programme of one of Europe's oldest and most renowned arts festivals – the Athens and Epidaurus Festival - supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and accredited by the University of the Peloponnese with 5 ECTS credits, the Epidaurus Lyceum is a 15-day intensive experiential programme centred around ancient Greek drama and the contemporary performer, taking place in Epidaurus, motherland of the famous ancient theatre and a unique place of natural beauty and energy. 

Specially designed for those studying acting, performance and dance(undergraduate or postgraduate level) as well as young actors and dancers from all around the world, the Epidaurus Lyceum has managed to become an educational summer destination where participants have the unique opportunity to approach a variety of acting methods, participate in ensemble performances and presentations, attend theoretical workshops and masterclasses on ancient drama and watch performances taking place at the ancient performance venues of Epidaurus. 

In 2017 and 2018, the programme hosted students from 21 different countries from all 5 continents while its teaching staff included international experts in various acting and movement methods like Phillip Zarrilli, Maria Shmaevich, Sanjoy Ganguly and Pichet Klunchun, as well as acclaimed artists and scholars from various academic institutions like King's College (Edith Hall) and the Shanghai Theatre Academy (Tian Mansha,Xu Jiali, Gong Baorong). 

In 2019 the programme will take place under the thematic axis Reinventing ancient drama on the contemporary stage (see attachment)  from July 2 to 16. 

Athens and Epidaurus Festival Hellenic Festival S.A. Epidaurus Lyceum 8 Ipitou str, 105 57 Athens, Greece 

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Find out more about the festival at greekfestival.gr