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Materia Prima. 4th International Festival of Form Theatre, 21-28.02.2015 (Poland)


Zdjęcie użytkownika Teatr Groteska.


The Groteska Theatre organizes a unique European-scale event - the 4th edition of Materia Prima International Festival of Form Theatre, which will present the most outstanding performances of theater forms from around the world: France, the Netherlands, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Vietnam, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.


Materia Prima is a festival of Polish premieres and artists discovered for the Polish audience. It hosts award-winning productions featured at international festivals which have been appreciated by audiences around the world.


The star of the 4th edition of the Festival will be DANIELE Finzi Pasca, the creator of the success of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.

The festival will present surprising and original performances, which will combine theatre, new circus and dance theater, mix dance with multimedia.


Materia Prima is a festival for adult audiences.


More information: http://www.materiaprima.pl/