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The Mission of Culture during Crisis: Eastern Partnership Culture Congress


From the organisers: 

This year, the 3rd Eastern Partnership Culture Congress will take place in Ukraine for the first time since its existence. Thus, on 4 -6 September 2015, in the city of Lviv and on the basis of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.  more than 500 representatives of culture institutions, culture managers and animators, representatives of authorities, self government organisations, NGOs, scientists and mass media reps (from more than 20 countries) will gather  together to elaborate an effective and long-term transnational cooperation programme The Congress will be accompanied by numerous and powerful art actions and events.

Info in Ukrainian here.


The 3rd Intentional Eastern Partnership Culture Congress: Mission of Culture During Crises will take place under the auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Ministry of Culture of Poland, Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Ministry of Culture of Moldova, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

The uniqueness of the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress is based on its structure. The organisers decided to avoid a strict scientific-conference model , and they offer a concept of co equal panel discussions, workshops and seminars, which are open for unlimited debates, to result in collaborative elaborations.