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TEATROTEKA FEST. Festival of screen adaptations of new Polish dramaturgy (Warsaw, Poland)


TEATROTEKA is a series of screen adaptations of young Polish drama produced by the largest Polish national film company in cooperation with the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

TEATROTEKA is a new stage in thinking about screen adaptations of theatre plays, in the context of art and production. Adaptations created by young, often debuting artists, supported by technology and film infrastructure, allow for the production of interesting and innovative works.

The idea behind the project is to use the potential of film technology to create screen adaptations of the most valuable achievements of young Polish drama theater. Contemporary plays are often texts written in a "postdramatic" form, very different in style and conventions from classical drama.

Why a festival?

TEATROTEKA FEST is the first attempt at collecting in one place and time all completed works in the TEATROTEKA cycle. Among the 25 adaptations presented during the festival we will be able to watch performances already awarded during other festivals, as well as new performances presented for the first time during the TEATROTEKA FEST festival.

During the five festival days the audience will have the opportunity to explore the work of the most talented young playwrights, directors, cinematographers, set designers and actors.

The competition screenings will be divided into five thematic sections: "True - false (08.02. Wednesday)," "Breaking myths (9.02. Thursday)," "Postdrama - crisis or opportunity? (10.02, Friday)," "History of the Future (11.02. Saturday)," "There's no place like home! (12.02. Sunday)." The festival will be concluded with an awards ceremony.


More information about the festival and its programme: http://www.teatroteka.com.pl/