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The Ukrainian premiere of "THE CARD INDEX”



writtten by Tadeusz Różewicz


directing: Andrzej Szczytko

translation: Vasiliy Sagan

set design: Tatiana Savina

costumes: Alina Garbunova

lightning design: Vlodimir Miankov

music: Gennadiy Frolov


PREMIERE - March 17th, 2017



Protagonist - Valery Brylov

Mother - Agnessa Dzvonarchuk | Ludmila Platonova

Father - Yuri Jevsiukov

Unkle | Teacher - Petro Rachynskiy

Chorus of Elders - Alexander Tartyshnikov | Harry Chumachenko | Yevgen Plaksin

Secretary - Irina Rozhenko

Protagonist's Wife - Ludmila Zaharchuk

Fat Miner | Man in the Hat - Andrey Borysenko

Man with a parting | Waiter - Andrzej Borys

Energetic Woman #1 - Tetyana Petrovska

Energetic Woman #2 - Natasha Golovina

Young Girl - Darya Novikova

Young Woman - Elena Olar

Man in a baseball cap - Dmitry Cherniavsky

Fat Woman - Tamara Zubov | Irina Kobzar

Journalist - Tetiana Turk



The new theatrical project by Andrzej Szczytko is based on "The Card Index" by Tadeusz Różewicz. The play portrays a man, Protagonist, who doesn't want to participate in the ongoing show. The Protagonist sounds rather bored as if he doesn’t feel like talking, a bit amused but above all ill-disposed to the play and himself and amused. Różewicz's initial intention was that the Protagonist was supposed to say only three words...

The Card Index consists of two images: the internal emptiness of the Protagonist and a flood of phenomenae, people and objects that flows through his room. No other play has changed the face of European drama to the degree that The Card Index has. Since it first premiered its formal novelty has never lost perspicuity, nor has the complicated, firmly Polish subject-matter hindered the play from entering stages abroad. There is nary a season when The Card Index is not published or staged somewhere in the world.

Kharkiv Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Etnosfera Cultural Anthropologist Association in Poznań
Ensemble of Kharkiv Ukrainian Drama Theatre under the direction of Andrzej Szczytko

Project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Official website: mkidn.gov.pl



Etnosfera Cultural Anthropologist Association, president Maria Czarnecka.

Official website: etnosfera.org.pl



  • TVP Kultura - the first TV theme channel to be run by the Polish public broadcaster TVP, dedicated to arts and culture. Official website: tvpkultura.tvp.pl
  • Polish Radio External Service - the official international broadcasting station of Poland. Official website: external.polskieradio.pl



  • Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland
  • Consualte General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv
  • Ukraine's Honorary Consualte in Poznań