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XII International Theatre Summer Academy


Train(ing) to Performance

The 12th International Theatre Summer Academy, AKT-ZENT welcomes actors, directors and acting teachers to experience “Training as Method” in full.

Over the course of forty years’ professional experience, Dr. Jurij Alschitz has developed many different training and rehearsal methods united in their focus on breaking down barriers between the interdisciplinary processes of teaching, research and performance.

In this three-week Theatre Summer Academy, participants will have the chance to practically experience this principle for themselves. We will be reflecting methodically on the training and all the working steps of rehearsal, finally leading to a presentation of

Anton. P. Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog”

We invite you to cast aside conventional training and rehearsal methods developed in theatres throughout the previous century. Risk exploring techniques long since adopted by modern science, to open up new ways to unfolding creativity through spherical mind-mapping, the fractal-principle, the fourth dimension and the principle of serendipity amongst others.

AKT-ZENT Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Artistic Direction by Dr. Jurij Alschitz

This International Theatre Summer Academy is different from traditional acting seminars. As the Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute, AKT-ZENT follows the aim to combine scientific research with acting practice. Above all, AKT-ZENT strives to pass the results of this methodological research on to the next generation of theatre-makers.

Here at AKT-ZENT, artists are educated to be independent researchers devoted to their own artistic training and the further development of theatre as a whole.

The lessons will take the form of an intensive module. Students will be expected to undertake extensive preparation beforehand. The preparatory tasks will be sent out in advance and we also offer to establish an ongoing dialogue between participants and the leader of studies even before. 

To have a true to life rehearsal experience, we are open to applications from people with varying levels of experience, training and expertise – teachers and  students, directors and actors of all ages are all welcome!

Background, purpose, idea: 

It all begins with The Art of Training. Each training session should be regarded as a performance and conducted following the principles of good direction. The trainer, be they a director or an educational instructor, may ultimately transform into a magician, who sends the actor or student on an artistic journey with different tasks and exercises, culminating in the organic development of a fully realised production. This freely developing creative process, this small miracle can occur even within an hour lesson, but it must be conducted during the whole rehearsal period. That is our art: harnessing the creative energy of each and every participant and helping it to blossom.

With his specifically designed method Asking Questions of a Role, Jurij Alschitz has been able to transform the dry word analysis into a tool which makes actors running on-stage. Training and Analysis is not just a technical account of the creative process, but offers liberating ways to pursue imagination and creative development. When you are able to take each step of the artistic process and form it through the Art of Composition, a creative environment of playful ease can be created. If this is successful, even within the shortest space of time, an Ensemble can be fostered, which is capable of uniting onstage and offstage forces to create a fully realised performance. 

Additional important information: 

Language of tuition: English, on stage: mother tongue

Working hours: all day. Training, lectures, individual rehearsals, work presentations.

Application procedure

Please send your CV, a recent photo and include a short motivation letter. Only after payment of the registration fee will your place be reserved and you will receive the preparation materials.

Tuition fee

Students/young artists (until 26)    580 €   

professional actors, directors and trainers   980 €

Method of payment: transfer 180 € as part of the registration  process to

AKT-ZENT e.V. : IBAN: DE89 1005 0000 0230 0322 06 . BIC: BELADEBEXXX

The remaining tuition fee is payable until the first day of tuition.

In case of cancellation, refunds are only possible, if you send a participant substituting your place.



Training as Method