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Poor Little Rich Drama: 11 Short Plays by Contemporary Macedonian Authors


The e-book Poor Little Rich Drama contains 11 short plays by contemporary Macedonian authors and was created as a result of the lecture and creative workshop “Who is the Author?” and “Who am I, the Author?”.


The book was published by Macedonian Center - International Theater Institute/PRODUKCIJA. The introduction was written by German playwright and dramaturge Ulrike Syha.




Introduction by Ulrike Syha

  1. Bio Clock by Eva Kamchevka
  2. Alone by Nadica Trajkova
  3. The Pigeon on The Window by Elena Prendzova
  4. Coffee Without Cigarettes by Tea Begovska
  5. Strange Are The Paths of Man by Kiril Donchov
  6. Fountain by Igor Pop Trajkov
  7. Kojak by Stefan Markovski
  8. Parking by Vasil Mihail
  9. Arrogant Wicked Liar by Lidija Mitoska-Gjorgievska
  10. Change It, Save It by Irma Bashevska
  11. Fears by Mia Kantardzieva

Dramatic summary of the project and the book Poor Little Rich Drama by Ivanka Apostolova Baskar

Participants’ short biographies and their roles in the project Poor Little Rich Drama




You can download the ebook here. The file is also attached below.



E-Book: Poor Little Rich Drama
Authors: Eva Kamchevska, Nadica Trajkova, Elena Prendzova, Tea Begovska, Kiril Donchov, Igor Pop Trajkov, Stefan Markovski, Vasil Mihail, Lidija Mitoska-Gjorgjievska, Irma Basheska Ristovska, Mia Kantardzieva. 
Introduction by Ulrike Syha 
Editor: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar 
Publishers: Macedonian Center ITI/PRODUKCIJA
Funded by the Goethe Institute Skopje 
Skopje, 2018 
ISBN. 978-608-66217-0-4