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Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art


2012 - Art the Dawn of the Third Armenian Republic

Information about institution: 

The Center for Contemporary Experimental Art has been created with following objectives:

  • To encourage and facilitate uninhibited expression and creativity of Armenian contemporary and avant-garde artists.
  • To support the process of search, discovery, and conquest of “new frontiers” in the arts.
  • To facilitate creation and presentation of contemporary art by Armenian artists, at home as well as at international fori.
  • To counteract commercialization of art, and to replace market criteria by intellectual and emotional determinants.
  • To create partnership between Diaspora Armenians and the art community in the Republic of Armenia in support and promotion of the Armenian arts and literature. 
Short history: 

The “Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art” (ACCEA or “NPAK” in Armenian acronym) is a Non-Governmental Organization operating in Yerevan. ACCEA was initiated in the summer of 1992, and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in Yerevan, Armenia and New York, USA in 1994. All donations to ACCEA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by the law. 

ACCEA started its activities at a centrally located rented space in 1996, which, later, on February 22, 2002, by a Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, was provided to ACCEA free of charge and for unlimited period. 

The physical facility was formally inaugurated on April 25, 1996, with a group exhibition of Armenian avant-garde artists, symbolically celebrating the resurrection of the Armenian nation. 

Founders of NPAK are grateful to “Robert Boghossian and Sons Fund” whose generous contribution was the initial force behind the years of its activities. In deep appreciation of their generosity, the above-mentioned space has been named after Jean and Albert Boghossian.

ACCEA/NPAK activities, which in 1992 started with one group exhibition per year, very soon grew into an active and vibrant art center with annually more than 20 events. 

The Center is a unique phenomenon of its kind in the entire Southern Caucasus region.

The most important projects: 

Most important projects:

Altenative Art Festival
One Shot Internatiomal Short Film Festival
One Square Meter Theater Festival

International cooperations: 

Cooperations with:

Istanbul Modern, National Center for Contemporary Arts / Moscow, Magmart Video Festival / Italy, British Council / UK, Azyl Festival / Slovakia, Open Society Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, etc

The most important awards: 

Most important awards:

The Venice Biennale / La Biennale di Venezia / 1995 - 2009