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Art Workshop Drabyna, Ukraine

Sylwia Śmigiel
+38 097 905 39 31

Drabyna - International Festival of Theatre

Oksana Dudko and Drabyna

Information about institution: 

The art workshop Drabyna (est. 2004) is an organization dealing with creation and implementation of new ideas in the art scene. Drama and theatre are their primary priorities. The organization is best described by words like openness, collaboration, dynamism and innovation.

Director is Oksana Dudko. The most important personnel are: Olha Kik, Andriana Stakhiv, Nadia Lytvyn, Taras Dudko.

Activities of Art workshop Drabyna:

  • Generating and implementing ideas,
  • Organizing festivals,
  • Establishing artistic platforms and social networks for communication, education and improvement.
The most important projects: 

The most important projects:

  • The International Theatre Festival “Drabyna”

The main project of the organization. Drabyna has been taking place since 2004. The festival’s main idea is to foster new forms and means of theatre language through experiment, re-interpretation, and formation of new practices.

  • "ATheatre.com.ua" – UkrainianTheatreSpace – Український Театральний Простір" all

Ukrainian platform for active communication and interaction between domesticand foreign theatres, playwrights, critics, and theatre managers.It is a collaborative project with partners from Kiev and Kherson.

The idea of project first spawned in 2009 project was put in effect in the spring of 2010. ATheatre.com.ua aims at creating a network for theatre professionals that willfacilitate the distribution and exchange of ideas, knowledge, information, on both a domestic and international area.

  • The New Drama Festival “Drama.UA”

The first festival was heldin 2010 with the aim to update the modern Ukrainian and European drama. The festival combines urban space and the natural environment, and the first day is set at the Jam Factory in one of the most interesting industrial areas of the city.

The remaining two days of the festival takes place on the Ukrainian-Polish border at “Fort.Missia”. The main components of the festival are performances of the plays of contemporary playwrights, reciting of the latest plays and translations, as well as discussion panels.

The most important awards: 

The Art Workshop Drabyna has received a diploma from the Polish Embassy in Ukraine for its “International Theatre Festival Drabyna” project which encompassed humanitarian issues in a Polish-Ukrainian setting.


The organization is looking for partnership with a number of European theatre companies for the sharing of knowledge; presentations of examples of good practices; exchange; and the implementation of cross-border projects.

They plan to provide a series of theater workshops for Ukrainian theatre actors and directors.