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The Association Sztuka Nowa, Poland

Sylwia Śmigiel

Sylwia:Medea TRAILER

Information about institution: 

Sztuka Nowa Associaton was founded in 2007. The head of the organization and the leader of the theatre’s team operating within the Association is Dawid Żakowski. He had trained in Studium Teatralne in Warsaw. His main technique is actors’ physical training. Key stuff of the organization: Karolina Dziełak, Agata Tuka, Magdalena Tuka.

Sztuka Nowa Association is Warsaw’s based non-profit organization, which organizes interdisciplinary artistic events, that aims popularization of physical theatre in Poland and all over the world.

Association aims to promote cultural activities by creating opportunities for emerging young authors, groups, and cultural programs of interest; both in Poland and abroad. It supports only the initiatives with the highest artistic level which nurtures new art qualities and establishes dialogue with community. The Association runs two lines of activities - educational project and artistic productions

The artistic interest of Sztuka Nowa Association used to concentrate on interdisciplinary projects. They develop constantly their own method of working, by experimenting with new media, creating innovative choreography and exploring different body techniques.

The most important projects:

1. "Sylwia:Medea" dance performance brings new interpretation of Medea’s myth - one of the most important myth in Mediterranean’s world. Performance explores the strange closeness of Medea’s story and Sylvia Plath’s biography, American poet and writer. Similarities are surprisingly numerous.

"Sylwia:Medea" is an interdisciplinary production combining poetic text, dance, video projection and electro-music. It offers a number of suggestive images and metaphors which aim to reach the secret of betrayal, love and death.

The performance have been played on Little Festival II in Limassol (Cyprus) and UniThea Festival in Frankfurt (Oder).

2. "Warsaw: In Between" was a performative and musical project realized in 2011 as a part of the cultural programme of the Polish presidency in UE and co-funded by The Capital City of Warsaw.

During one evening seven Warsaw’s clubs (Powiększenie, Znajomi Znajomych, Jedyne Wyjście, Regeneracja, Coco de Oro, Chłodna 25, OsiR) converted into seven European capitals joined by a net of on-line conversations and electro music concerts. Poetic on-line conversations resounded between performers which were connected by an internet communicator.

"Warsaw: In Between" project was about establishing relationships in the modern Europe without borders and maintaining them with the use of Internet communication – chats, e-mails. The scenario of the event was based on the real archive materials (e-mails, chats, SMS).

International cooperation:

Sztuka Nowa Association collaborate with many international partners. Example international projects:

1. "LIFT OFF" is Polish-German youth project organised by The Working Party, non-profit organization from Berlin. "LIFT OFF" is a workshop programme for young performers linking the approaches of experienced theatre makers into one intensive experience. Students have the rare chance to develop their creative strength in an international situations, by taking experiences from each of them. The combination of these workshops allows a particularly intensive experience, and the development of a concluding presentation.

Sztuka Nowa Association was a partner of all three editions of the project.

2. "Actor-Chorus-Text Diaspora" is the project dedicated to professionals led by Anna Helena MacLean (former member of Gardzienice Group) and Dawid Żakowski. The edition in 2009 finished with “Romeo and Juliet” performed in Theaterhaus Mitte in Berlin.

3. "Oedipus" was an international theatre workshop inspired by antic heritage dedicated to theatre’s professionals. It was realized in cooperation with In-Zeitgeist Theatre from London. In the frame of Polska!Year program in 2010, during 2-weeks working session in London, the artists prepared the structure of the performance based on the modern version of the myth of Oedipus, written by Ted Hughes, the never was translated into Polish. The workshop was led by Dawid Żakowski.