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Bouillon Group, Tibilisi, Georgia


Bouillon Group, 29.05.13 18:00

Information about institution: 

“Bouillon” group was founded in 2008 By Natalia Vatsadze, Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Vladimer Khartishvili, Konstantine Kitiashvili, Ekaterina Ketsbaia, Zurab Kikvadze.
“Bouillon" group is the one of a few artists’ groups focusing on utilization of public non artistic spaces. The group is concentrated on e active confluence of a space, which is not concerned with art and artistic production or in contrary intervention with non artistic activity in artistic space. The group made several apartment projects underlining suitability of a private space for an artistic production and public art projects gently criticizing Georgian post-soviet reality. Having limited number of gallery spaces for contemporary art in Tbilisi, few Georgian artists present their works in alternative spaces in a better way promoting new models of relationship between the public space and artwork. The group also produces performances, actions and video installations. 
The ideas in the group are always generated through collaboration of the group members. All the six artists process the ideas as long as they decide that the work is finished. “Bouillon” try to eliminate the borders between art and life. As a result the line between these two fields of human activity gets blurred like their works.



"Aerobics" - Performance  

La Biennale di Venezia

Pavilion of Georgia  

1.06-24.11-2013  Venecia, Italy

Commissioner: Marine Mizandari, First Deputy Minister of Culture of Georgia

Curator Joanna Warsza


"Apartment #9" - Performance/Installation   
Public Art Festival. 
14 -15.03.2013 - Baku, Azerbaijan
Curated by: Yarat Contemporary Art Organization

"Apartment #8" - Experimental project, 504 - hour performance 
Residence Kunstlerdorf.
3-25.12.2012  -  Schöppingen, Germany


 "Signs" - Installation   
 A public Art project  
 29.08.2012   -  Village Bakhani, Georgia

"Apartment #7", "Flags",   "Tap", "Culinary recipes" and "A Memorial plaque" - Performance/Installations 
A public Art project - The "Batumi Backyard Stories".  
23-25. 08. 2012  -  Batumi, Geogia.
Director of the project: Levan Khujadze
Curator: Magda Guruli

Bouillon Individual #2   - Installations/performance/video
Individual works of Group members . 
European House
04.07.2012  - Tbilisi, Georgia


"Open" - Sound installation 

 Gallery “ Academia +”.
11-13. 01. 2012 -  Tbilisi, Georgia

“Aerobics” -  Performance
 Festival “The Journey To The East”. 
Gallery  “Mocak”.  
02. 12. 2011 -Krakow, Poland
Curated by : Monika Szewczyk

"Aerobics" - Video documentation of performance  

“Artisterium”, the 4th  contemporary art exhibition.
31.10. / 10.11. 2011 -  Tbilisi, Georgia

Curator : Magda Guruli


“Aerobics” - Performance  

NG -Veletržní palác
15. 10. 2011  -   Prague, Czech Republic

"Apartment # 6" - Performance
 Artistic City trips
 6-7-8-9. 10. 2011  -  Krakow, Poland
curator : Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAir)

 “Aerobics” - Performance 
 Exhibition “Tallinn 2011”, 
 Gallery of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
12-13. 09. 2011  - Tbilisi,Georgia.
ART SECURITY GROUP - initiator of landing art-forces
Commissioner - Elisha Flotster

“Aerobics” - Performance 
Festival  “The Journey To The East”,    
05-30.09.2011  -  Galleria “Arsenal”, Bialystok, Poland.
Curated by: Monika Szewczyk

“Untitled” - Installation 
Exhibition ”Eco inspiration”. 
22.04.11 -  European house, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Curator: Khatuna Khabuliani

“Weightlifters” -  Performance / Installation  Exhibition "Imago". 
Museum of contemporary art 
09.04.11 - 13.06.2011  -  Leipzig, Germany.
Curator: Nini Palavandishvili

A public art project  - “Frozen moments - architecture speaks back” .   
former Ministry of Transport,  
22-15.07.10  -  Tbilisi, Georgia.
Curated by Joanna Warsza

“Bouillon” -  Performance / Installation 
03.11.2010   -  Istanbul ,Turkey

"Apartment 5"  -  Performance / Installation 
 Summer Festival of Community Art  - Encounters on Borders,  "Inwards". 
 20. 09. 2010  -   Ijevan, Armenia
Organizer - Aica Armenia
Curator : Gor Yengoyan

"Apartment N-4"  and   "Birthday" - Installation /Performance/sound 
“Betlemi mikro raioni", Art Zone – A public Art project in
Betlemi district. 
2-4.10.2009  -   Tbilisi, Georgia
Curated by : Joanna Warsza  ( organized by polish embassy)

 “A Tunnel" -  Installation /Performance 
Gallery “Akademia+”. 
08. 07. 2010  -  Tbilisi, Georgia

Installations / Performances/ videos 
Individual works of Group members.  
former   factory  “Mioni”, 
02.05.2010  – Tbilisi, Georgia

“Weightlifters” - Performance/ Action  
 “Artisterium” The second Tbilisi contemporary art exhibition, 
 Museum of  History  - "karvasla"
08-15.10.2009  –   Tbilisi, Georgia
Curator: Magda Guruli

"Bina 3" (apartment # 3) - Performance / Installation
Apartment project. 
01.02.2009   - Tbilisi, Georgia

“Koka Banaobs” (Koka takes shower) Apartment  #1 - Installation /Performance/video  Apartment project. 
11/11/2008  -  Tbilisi, Georgia

“I love mummy”   -  Installation /Performance 
Arsi exhibition hall, 
26.06.2008 Tbilisi, Georgia 



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