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"Eugene Ionesco", Republic of Moldova

(022) 24-03-93, (022) 23-38-33
Information about institution: 

The theatre "Eugene Ionesco" was officially founded on 11 September 1991. A group of young actors, graduates of "Boris Shchukin" Theatre School in Moscow, shared a vision of creating a platform for practicing their art form. Thus, a new theatre was founded, bringing the acting style of expressionism – method acting, as promoted by Vakhtangov`s theatrical school - into the realm of modern theatre.

The young company succeeded in gaining the enthusiasm and appreciation of the local public, and progressed with success in taking part in various international theatre festivals, making extensive international tours.

From 1994 the theatre has organized an International Theatre Festival BITEI - BIENNIAL OF "EUGENE IONESCO" THEATRE, an unique event in the cultural life of Moldovia.

The director of the theatre is Petru Vutcarau. Veaceslav Sambris and Ala Mensicov also share major responsibilities. The theatre has been a member of ITEM since 1993.

In November and December of 2005 “Eugene lonesce” joined forces with the Mission of International Organization for Migration in Moldoval and formed the "Combating Trafficking of Human Beings" project. The European Commission provided financial backing. In its framework, the IOM supports Theatre EUGENE IONESCO in the production and presentation of the play "Abandoned People".

To this day, Theatre “Eugene Ionesco” continues to engage in multinational exchanges and co-productions with artists and theatres from France, Romania and other countries.

Moreover, the collaboration with KAZE Theatre, Japan, proved to be extremely fruitful. Their production of “Hamlet,” directed by Petru Vutcarau, has become one of KAZE's most significant works.

In 2006 the theatre’s own Pteru Vutcarau won a prize for best directing at the BLACKSEA International Theatre Festival in Trabzon, Turkey.