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Festival of Contemporary Art "GOGOLFEST", NGO, Ukraine

Sylwia Śmigiel
President of GOGOLFEST, Vlad Troitskyi (DAKH CCA): e-mail: [email protected] Program Director of GOGOLFEST, Iryna Gorban : e-mail: [email protected]
(+38 044) 529 40 62, mob.( +38 067) 2359406

Gogolfest 2014: 100 people in 30 seconds


Information about institution: 

The Festival of Contemporary Art “GOGOLFEST” is a polyphonic, multicultural festival of modern art. It is the first multidisciplinary international arts festival in Ukraine. The festival brings together and presents in a single interactive space modern painting and installation, audio-visual art, electro-acoustic and chamber music, theater, modern dance and literary projects, as well as an educational program including training sessions, seminars and master classes.

Short history: 

Vlad Troitskyi, director of Centre of Contemporary Art “DAKH”, established GOGOLFEST in 2007. The project was created by a progressive group of Ukrainians who strived to create a new contemporary art scene in Ukraine. There has been rising need for the development of an art forum that presents a high level of Ukrainian culture and contemporary arts to the world. Since 2008, Evgeni Utkin (Kvazar Micro IT company) has been Chairman of the GOGOLFEST Board of Trustees.

The great author and playwright, Nikolai Gogol, embodies facets of two Slavic cultures. His work also shows that Ukrainian and Russian share common European roots and values. Nikolai Gogol’s legacy inspired the festival’s name. GOGOLFEST is rapidly becoming a cultural hub, combining the avant-garde of Ukrainian and Russian contemporary arts with the European arts of the East and West.

GOGOLFEST is a fundamental investment into the future and education of the Ukrainian nation. It is an attempt to find a place for contemporary arts in this culture and serves as an opportunity to present a new generation of Ukrainian artists to the World.

The festival came to light in the unique Old Arsenal, a former armaments factory built by the Italian architect Johann Moeller in 1803. In 2010 festival has changed its location and moved to the Dovzhenko National filmstudio.

The amount of visitors rose from 10 000 to 100 000 people over 4 years. 80% of the audience were between 15-30 years, and 60% of them between 25-30 years. About 800 participants from more than 32 countries participate annually.

The most important projects: 

The most important projects:

  • September 7–14, 2007 -    Place "Artistic Arsenal". Headliners: CCA "DAKH", "Kyiv Soloists" Chamber Ensemble, Audience - 10 000.  Features: Establishment in Ukraine of the first annual festival of contemporary art
  • May 7–25, 2008 – Place "Artistic Arsenal" , Headliners: composer V. Martynov, T. Hrindenko with "OPUS-POSTH" Ensemble, E. Gromov, Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble and St. Nikolsky Choir of the Tretyakov Gallery, "Volkov Trio", Alla Zagaykevych, St. Petersburg Engineering Theatre "AXE","LaboraToria", D. Ilyes Hungarian National Theatre (Beregovo), Studio "Sounddrama", "Kyiv Modern ballet" Theater “DEREVO” by Anton Adasinsky.  Audience    50 000. Features: GOGOLFEST works together with other festivals, including "Sheshory", "Land of Dreams", "Youth", "Open Night", "Step", "French Spring", "Jazz Koktebel", "Cathedral of Song" and others
  • September 11–27, 2009 - Place  "Artistic Arsenal". Headliners:    Performance of Dmitry Bogomazov's "Hamlet", tours of Perm "By the Bridge" Theatre, concert performance "Dreams of the lost road" with DakhaBrakha, concert from the organizers of the Moloko Music Fest (Adam Green's speech, Adanovsky, Tikkle Me and Sergei Babkin), electro-acoustic program from Alla Zagaykevych, performance from St. Petersburg band NOM, and a festival-closing show from the group "Picasso's Children".    Audience: 80 000. Features: Two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Gogol. For the first time, the Festival leaves the "Artistic Arsenal"
  • September 4–12, 2010 – Place    Dovzhenko Film Studios. Headliners: Spanish Theatre La Fura Dels Baus, Finnish duo Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster, Italian theatre of athletic dance Kataklo, ethnic ensemble from Tuva (Russia) Huun-Huur-Tu, Russian chamber orchestra «Opus Posth.», Jazzsteppa, The Go! Team from UK.    Audience: 120 00. Features: In May, the festival also took place in Perm. In Kiev, for the first time, the Festival will be held at a location other than the "Artistic Arsenal
International cooperations: 

International partners: “Chekhov International Theatre Festival” (Moskow, Russia), “Passage Festival”(France), Meyerhold Centre(Moscow, Russia);  “Festival of New European Theatre NET ” (Moskow, Russia), Moskow House of Photography (Moscow, Russia), Lubimovka, New Writing Festival (Moscow, Russia).


Plans:  Developing the European Center of Education and Art “GOGOLFEST-GENERATION”. The project’s aim is to create an art educational cluster and streamlining European and regional integration. The title requires an explanation: description of the action (education in art through production of artistic products), principles of action (focus on the European region, co-production, education and practice) and project philosophy (the unifying idea is of Gogol’s personality, talented and open to the world, accumulating ideas and principles from everywhere and transforming it into something unique).


The most important publications: