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German State Theatre Timisoara, Romania

+40 256 201 291 (Secretariat, Artistic director) +40 256 228 673 (Dramaturgy department, PR) +40 256 435 743 (Box Office), fax: +40 256 201 293

Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

Information about institution: 

The German State Stage Timişoara was, on January 1st 1953, founded by decree of the Bucharest Council of Ministers as a German section of the State Theatre Timişoara.

In course of the mass exodus of the Romanian-Germans in the 1970s, -80s and -90s, the theatre needed to explore new territories. Its new target audiences is mainly comprised of young Romanians interested in German language as well as a growing German-speaking community in several towns and cities in Romania. The theatre also provides simultaneous translation and subtitles into Romanian for those who don’t speak German.

Timisoara's the most important goal is to be received as a German speaking theatre of the highest quality among Romanians and the German-speaking community in Romania. Moreover, they are striving to present their productions nation wide, also with the intent to support regular and continuous theatre visits in German language within regions with a German-speaking population. Their actions are targeted at strengthening the importance of German language and culture in those regions.

The current manager of the German State Theatre Timişoara is Lucian Vărşăndan is, Radu-Alexandru Nica is the Deputy Art Director.

The most important projects of the 2012 season:

  • "The Misunderstanding", by Albert Camus

Stage direction: Bocsárdi László
Premiere date: 07.06.2012

  • "Girl in the Goldfish Bowl", by Morris Panych

Stage direction: Radu Afrim
Premiere date: 03.04.2012

  • "SEXes/AXes - The Furies & The Great War", by Neil LaBute

Stage direction: Radu-Alexandru Nica
Premiere date: 14.02.2012

  • "The Ugly Man", by Marius von Mayenburg

Stage direction: Theodor - Cristian Popescu
Premiere date: 15.10.2011


One of the most exciting tasks is to innovatively combine impulses from several theatre cultures. Directors from Romania, Germany, Austria and Canada together found a creative and multicultural platform, mainly arising from the artistic relationships with the Romanian National Theatre and the Hungarian State Theatre Timişoara. The fact that the theatre receives international invitations to festivals and invitations for guest performances affirm their approach and direction.

International cooperation:

In 2005, a partnership between the German National Theatre Timişoara and the Baden theatre Bruchsal/ Germany, supported by the prime minister of Baden-Wurttemberg Heribert Rech and the Danube-Swabian cultural foundation of Baden-Wurttemberg, was concluded. The partnership consist of exchange of productions and artists of different professions within the theatres, plus additional conjoint projects.

The autumn of 2009 saw the first co-production of both theatres and its premiere in Timişoara.


Scenographer Dragoş Buhagiar was awarded the UNITER Award for best scenography of 2010. His creative work for the show Shaking Shakespeare, by Lia Bugnar, directed by Radu Alexandru Nica and produced by the German State Theatre Timişoara (GSTT), earned him the award.