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Glej Theatre, Slovenia

Sylwia Śmigiel
+386 1 251 66 79

MOSAIC (Ljubljana, Glej, May 2009)


Misterio Bufo


Kako je Jaromir iskal srečo / How Jaromir Sought Happiness

Information about institution: 

The theatre produces and hosts researching theatre projects of up-and-coming directors who can apply to Glej’s open call. The theatre offers a stepping-stone for young directors with its professional working conditions, enabling quick and effective personal artistic growth and provides an entry point to a potentially successful theatre career.

Glej Theatre’s search for new trends and orientations continues, while its communicative and open performances are simultaneously well considered and elaborated. It remains interested in vivid stories and socially engaged projects that have a direct attitude to themes and situations, thus providing a contemporary approach to audiences in the identification and revelation of paradoxes. It strives to give names to the nameless phenomena.

Short history: 

Since the 1970s, Glej Theatre has supported the needs of theatre artists who need space for their dramatic explorations, and since then it has served as a research and training centre for generations of theatre artists. Since 2007 Glej has introduced even bolder programming: with its programmes Miniature, Debut, Concerts and in 2013 the very well received Resident Glej became a trendsetter in the field of performing arts. The latter programme is the only existing theatre residency programme in Slovenia which gives young theatre makers (director or artistic group) production, P.R. and financial support for a year.

Across the Border with its sub-category Glej, in English is Glej's effort to present contemporary foreign theatre production to Slovene audience, while Glej's productions toured throughout Europe and in some cases even Africa and USA.

As an addition to its artistic programme, Glej's current squad works on different strategies that adresses audience development; empower theatre creators to work with specific target groups; co-organize Overflight festival; coordinate joint-theatre project of independent performing arts scene in Slovenia's capital etc.

Glej Theatre are Marko Bratuš (artistic director), Inga Remeta (chairwoman and producer), Barbara Poček (producer), Rok Avbar (P.R.), Anja Pirnat (project assistant), Grega Mohorčič (head of technicians), Borut Bučinel (technician), Martin Lovšin (technician).