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kød – konkrétne o divadle, Slovakia

Sylwia Śmigiel
+421 (0)2 20487 502
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kød – konkrétne o divadle was launched in march 2007 by the Bratislava Theatre Institute along with the information network IS theatre.sk - the monitoring of theatres in Slovakia and their productions. The monthly edition immediately filled the need for publishing reviews of new performances, festivals and general information concerning present Slovak theatre. It became the platform for reflection and opinions of Slovak theatre artists and critics.


Dáša Čiripová is editor in chief. Key personnel: Juraj Hubinák - editor; Soňa Šimková, Nadežda Lindovská, Oleg Dlouhý, Zuzana Bakošová-Hlavenková, Ida Hledíková, Ľubica Krénová, Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, Lenka Dzadíková, Marek Godovič, Soňa Smolková, Zuzana Ferusová, Miro Zwiefelhofer, Maja Hriešik, Vladimír Predmerský, Stanislava Matejovičová, Zdenka Pašuthová, Karol Mišovic - main contributors

The monthly kød – konkrétne o divadle (concretely about theatre) is the only monthly magazine in Slovakia about Slovak and foreign theatre.

In its columns one can find information about the newest performances as reviews, critiques, essays or interviews with artists. The authors of the articles are renowned Slovak theatre theoreticians and practitioners as well as contributors from the Czech Republic and other European countries.

In kød readers can find profiles of artists, local and international festivals' reviews, information about international theatre scenes, comments and remarks on cultural policy, studies from history and theatre and drama theory, fragments or whole theatre texts and dramatizations. It is also serves as a stage for the Theatre Institute promoting activities and projects of and all professional theatres in Slovakia.  

kød is interesting not only because of its content, but also because of its trendy graphics and rich photographic material.

kød – konkrétne o divadle regularly cooperates as media partner with festivals such as Dotyky a spojenia (Martin, Slovakia), Nová dráma / New Drama (Bratislava, Slovakia), Divadelná Nitra (Nitra, Slovakia), KioSK (Žilina, Slovakia), Cirkul'art (Bratislava, Slovakia), Istropolitana Projekt (Bratislava, Slovakia), Sám na javisku (Trenčín, Slovakia), Divadelní svět (Brno, Czech republic), etc.

kød – konkrétne o divadle organises bimonthly live discussions about major problems of Slovak theatre "kødek" in association with Slovak national radio and Štúdio 12 (scene for new drama of the Theatre Institute Bratislava).

Apart of its regular issues, kød – konkrétne o divadle every year publishes an English special containing the most interesting articles and interviews published during last theatre season.

There are 10 issues published annually (september-june) in a monthly circulation of 400 pieces. kød - konkrétne o divadle is available in theatres, bookshops and literary cafés throughout Slovakia.