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Kryly Halopa Theatre, Belarus

Sylwia Śmigiel
[email protected] Address for correspondence: Oksana Haiko Luchinsky str. 25 224022 Brest Belarus
+375 29 5251652 Oksana +375 29 792 58 20 Sergey + 375 25 2083388 Anna Fax: +375 162 233494

Читка пьесы П.Пряжко "Трусы" www.teatrkh.com

театр крылы халопа. уличный спектакль "звонитьлететь"

Information about institution: 

Kryly Halopa Theatre (ex –Free Theatre) is an independent alternative theatre and one of the not numerous alternative theatres in Belarus. It was created in 2001 in Brest city as the community of people joined with the political and creative views. The main prerequisite of the theatre emergence were the critical view on the surrounding reality, reaction to the political situation and a wish to join an art and activism. The main aim was the formation of the platform for the creative activity against human disunity, oppression and violence, the platform for overcoming the situations of constrained silence, passivity and society depression.

Short history: 

The theatre started with street art actions and happenings (from 2001 to 2008 it was made more than 15 actions).

During 2001-2011 the theatre created 8 performances (4 of them are street performances), which are different in the stylistic, the visual language and the method of working. These performances are based on the works of Daniil Kharms, Yanka Kupala, Franz Kafka and own scenarios. The stylistics of the performances joins the elements of German expressionism and Brecht theatre, traditional Oriental theatre and clownery, pantomime and Dadaists humor.

Constantly changing own creative method the theatre experiments with the different techniques of the work with an actor. The theatre uses Grotovsky method and Meyerhold exercises, the mime training and folk singing…

During 5 years the theatre engaged in researching of the theatre anthropology. This work started after the participating International School of Theatre Anthropology in Wroclaw in 2005. The actors researched the process of creating the out-of-everyday body, the body which reflects another way of thinking, the leaving of the everyday behavior and the energy on the stage. The researches were based on the traditions of the Oriental theatre and the elements of Oriental arts of fight, the European theatre traditions (pantomime, clownery), voice techniques (overtone singing, traditional songs). The result of this work is a few street performances ("Maleficium", "TO RINGFLY"). But the brightest and the most perfect result of its researches is the performance "The Trial" by F. Kafka.

Since 2012 the theatre has started working in absolutely another direction – in the course of documentary theatre. The main components of such work are collection and scenic embodiment of document materials – interviews, materials from expeditions, Internet forums etc.  In addition, the theatre has been developing art forms which include performance, video art, music…

Kryly Halopa Theatre is one of the few Belarusian street theatres.  In the street performances the theatre joins the techniques of traditional street theatre (stilts, masks, live fire, and live music), elements of happening, clownery, expression of Oriental theatre and silent cinema.

The theatrical education the group received in the halls of Polish alternative (Teatr Osmego Dnia,  Biuro Podrozy, Akademia Ruchu, Remus, Wegajty…), Danish (Teatret OM, Odin Teatret) and others theatre (Teatro Nukleo (Italy), Living Theatre (USA) etc.).

The most important projects: 

KH Theatre introduced its works at international festivals:

  • International Theatre Festival "Formy teatralne" (Warsaw, Poland) – 2002
  • International Theatre Festival "Maski" (Poznan, Poland) – 2002
  • International Festival of the Independent Art "No Culture without Subculture" (Minsk, Belarus) – 2004
  • International School of Theatre Anthropology – ISTA (Wroclaw, Poland) – 2005
  • XIV International Festival of Street Theatres (Jedlina Zdroj, Poland) – 2006
  • International Theatre Festival "Na pomostach" (Olsztyn, Poland) – 2006
  • International Festival of Street Theatres "FETA" (Gdansk, Poland) – 2006
  • XXIV International Festival of Street Theatres (Jelenia Gora, Poland) – 2006
  • II International Festival of Street Theatres (Gorzow Wlkp., Poland) – 2007
  • Festival "Kupala Night" (Scernevice, Poland) – 2007
  • International Theatre Festival "Belaya Vezha" (Brest, Belarus) – 2007
  • Central Europe Theatre Festival "Sasiedzi" (Lublin) – 2008
  • Theatre Festival "Wioska teatralna"(Wegajty, Polska) – 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Theatre Festival "Lodzkie Spotkania Teatralne" (Lodz, Poland) –2008  Special mention of jury
  • Festival "Empty Hills" (Russia) – 2009
  • Theatre Festival "Crossroads" (Lodz, Poland) – 2009
  • Festival "Black Petrograd" (St.-Petersburg, Russia) – 2009
  • International Festival of Modern Art "Dach" (Minsk, Belarus) – 2009, 2010
  • International Theatre Festival "Wertep" (Hainowka, Bialowieza, Poland) – 2009, 2010
  • International Theatre Festival "Drabyna" (Lviv, Ukraine) – 2010  The main award for the performance "The Trial"
  • Festival "Wejrzenia na Wschod" (Мaszewo, Polska)- 2011
  • International Festival of Street Theatres SZTUKA ULICY (Warsaw, Poland) – 2012

Three years in a row the theatre organized the Day of Padgarodskaya Street, the street where during 10 years the theatre had the rehearsal hall. It was big street party uniting performances and exhibitions, concerts and fire show, film screenings and "Do it yourself" – workshops. It was an example of self-organizing and association of people for creation of theirs own not semi-official holiday.

In 2006-2008 The Free Theatre participated in the projects of animation of culture in Warsaw together with the Warsaw Theatre Remus. The theatre worked with children and teenagers in the most unsuccessful district Prague in Warsaw, in the camp for the Chechen refugees in Linin near Warsaw, in the rehabilitation centers and in the centers with incapacitated people.

The theatre organized and took part in projects of animation of culture in Belarus: in orphanages (Kobrin orphanage, Dyvin boarding school), with incapacitated people from a psycho neurological clinic Novinky in Minsk.

Within an initiative "Escape and create" KH theatre involves a large number mainly young people for participation in creative and social activity – the organizations of cultural actions, participations in performances and art actions, activities in orphanages. The theatre organizes regularly free market – the free fair, which makes the alternative to the goods-money relations.

Since 2011 the theatre is the organizer of the Festival of alternative culture "Cult A" in Brest (the first festival took place in October, 2011)

Since December, 2011 the Free Theatre changed the name to Kryly Halopa Theatre.