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L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility, Hungary

Sylwia Śmigiel
[email protected] Zsolt Varga - chairman Márta Ladjánszki - artistic director Andrea Ádám - program coordinator: [email protected]

L1danceFest 2011 - promo

Information about institution: 

The L1 Association holds interest in providing the suitable circumstances for high quality performances (arts, performing arts and dance), helping members of their organization, giving advice and adopting other representatives of „homeless” co-artists. Their main objectives are to show the performances created within their organization, organize festivals, and in the long run operate a contemporary dance and co-art centre, creating an open, welcoming rehearsal.

The organization collaborates with other internal and foreign co- and dance companies and organizations. These connections enable participation in international festivals, and the same time adds a higher quality to national events.

Not only members are given the opportunity for further training, but the organization wants to educate other professionals and open-minded “civilians” who are curious about contemporary dance.

L1 also organizes courses in special physiotherapy for the socially disadvantaged, disabled and PRM, giving them the opportunity to unfold their artistic senses, to find the inner artist. The courses focus on motor coordination, improving their participants general health.

The annual L1danceFest (L1 Association’s contemporary dance festival) has since 2002 been presenting performances: at first mainly performances by the Association members, a collective of independent Hungarian artists, but later other talented - national and international - dancers and groups joined the festival as well.

The program selection of the L1danceFest 2011 shows clear signs of the professional criteria and the experimental vein of Márta Ladjánszki – dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the festival: “This year as well I have tried to invite artists whom I personally know and whose works have inspired me.” The goal of the festival is to introduce artists still unknown to the Hungarian public (in Budapest and later in the countryside as well), who have unique characters, sophisticated knowledge, and high level technical routine.

The contemporary dance festival has gradually developed into a more and more extensive international review (both geographically, and in the amount of performances), that offers performing opportunities not only to L1 Association members and resident artists, but also introduce the works of recognized international artists to the Hungarian audience.

  • Co-partner at the monitoring committee at VARP-PA program IVF 2011-2012
  • Co-organizer of HUSK - shake our hands exchange program - supported by the Open Society Foundation 2011
  • Co-ordinator of POLSKA point / PASSING THROUGH V4 workshop / TALKING THROUGH discussion series - supported by the International Visegrad Fund - 2011
  • Co-partner of the Development of New Art Program - supported by the European Committee 2010-2013
  • Co-partner of V4 VLNA - special edition for V4 art life magazin - 2011
  • organizer of The Age Festival – 2007