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NGO "Improstir"

Olha Novak

Мандаринка за квиточок | ІмпроВсюди | Львів | 18.11

TEASER Львівські IMPROV Фестини!

Information about institution: 

NGO “Improstir” is a young organization comprised of young creatives who have brought improv to Ukraine. 
Our goals are: 
- bring alternative education in form of applied improv to disadvantaged groups 
- popularize alternative performance scene 
- to create vast and flourishing improv community in Ukraine 
We started like improv group, and during 3.5 years of the community existence we have performed countless times in Ukraine and abroad and have conducted over 30 trainings and over 40 performances. 
Our projects scope includes Improv Manufactory: a 3-month performance course aimed at people aged from 16-35 looking for their calling and self-development. 
It’s not only about process for us, actually, we’re all about productivity! This year has been marked as a first year realization of Lviv Improv Festival, organized by our improv group SerYozno and other two ukrainian improv groups, comprised of our former students. 
Fun never ends, and Lviv Improv Festival will happen again in February 2017, bringing together improv enthusiasts from Ukraine and abroad.

Short history: 

Our story has started 3.5 years ago on L2: Warsztaty Kultury, a cooperation project between Ukrainian and Polish artists. That's when the founders have learnt about stunning art of improv and since then never stopped improvising. Along those years twoImprov Manufactory courses and countless trainings have been conducted, giving birth to the 3 new improv groups and setting up an Ukrainian improv scene.


1. Impov Warshtaty: cultural exchange project between Ukrainian and international improv enthusiasts. 
2. Improv Manufactory: setting up a first full-mode school of improv in Ukraine
4 Lviv Improv Fest: an annual event which will take place in Lviv on 25th of February, 2017
5 Your Country Improv Traning: a training aimed at popularization of inter-Ukrainian travel industry