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Svět a divadlo (SAD), Czech Republic

Sylwia Śmigiel
Information about institution: 

The magazine was founded in 1990 by Karel Král, Ondřej Černý and Marie Reslová. Černý and Reslová were replaced Lukeš in the middle of the nineties by Jan Kerbr and prof. Milan. In 2001 Jakub Škorpil stepped in for Jan Kerbr. After the death of  prof. Lukeš’s death in 2011, Jiří Adámek became the editor of SAD.

The crew of the magazine: Jakub Škorpil, Jitka Králová, Vladimír Mikulka, Jiří Adámek, Blanka Křivánková, Libor Vodička and Jiří Erml.

SAD has an international editorial board, consisting mainly of the foreign authors who provide texts. It also gives consultations and interchanges authors and articles with foreign theatre magazines. The journal’s crew shares relations, mainly as dramaturgy consultants, with international theatre festivals Divadlo in Plzeň (which it co-funded) and Divadelná Nitra. The magazine co-operated with the polish festival Dialog, as well as the Contemporary Drama Festival in Budapest a.o.

The most important projects: 

The most important projects of SAD are:

  • WAT = World/Visegrad and Theatre – English anthology of the best texts published in SAD. So far 4 issues have been published: 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009.
  • “Ohromne malickosti” = “Tremendous Trifles” – an international festival of (not only) theatre oddities. Each performance lasts 20-30 minutes tops. All genres of theatre and art forms are featured. It also takes use of non-traditional theatre spaces. It published 3 editions in Prague at the Divadlo Na  zabradli and one in Český Těšín as a part of the“Divadlo na hranici” festival.
  • “Studentsky SAD” = “SAD of Students” – web page for reviews by students of Czech and Slovak universities
  • series of rehearsed readings of texts originally published in SAD. Prepared in relation with foremost Prague theatres