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Theatre Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Information about institution: 

The Theatre Institute (1961) is a modern European institution under the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and its mission is to provide the Slovak and the international public information services regarding theatre.

Director is Mgr.Art. Vladislava Fekete, ArtD. Key personnel: PhDr. Oleg Dlouhý Theatre Documentation, Information and Digitalisation Department Mgr. Dária Fehérová Theatre Research Centre Mgr. Andrea Domeová Publishing Department Mgr. Anna Grusková, CSc. Public Relations Department Mgr. Katarína Ďurčová Projects Department Mgr. Natália Urblíková Cultural Contact Point Slovakia M.A.Mirka Ľachká European Contact Point Slovakia Bc. Milada Mercová Economic Department PhDr. Diana Selecká General Director Department.

The priority of the Theatre Institute is its scientific and researching activities consisting of research in Slovak drama covering the period between the establishment of the first permanent professional stage in 1920 until today.

It participates in other research works and co-operates with partner institutions in various research activities concerning theatre culture in Slovakia and abroad. The Institute has taken part in the organization of scientific symposiums, seminars, colloquia and other forms of presentation of their research activity.

It also monitors, examines and assesses Slovak dramatic production. The Theatre Institute works also with the documentation of theatre – it systematically collects, edits, preserves and exhibits its collections. The Institute’s function today is to provide services connected to its status as Public Specialized Archive (from 2002) and the Museum of the Theatre Institute (from 2006).

The most important projects:

The countrywide festival of productions from contemporary Slovak and international drama, Nová drama / New Drama.  Founded in 2005 as an annual competition showcase of the best productions of contemporary drama executed during the last year in Slovak theatres.

The Theatre Research Centre is a platform of the Theatre Institute founded in 2006 and is based on the need of a systematic analysis of theatre in Slovakia (history and theory, methodology and terminology, tendencies and present state, support of young artists).

The monthly kød – konkrétne o divadle (“concretely about theatre”) is the only monthly in Slovakia about Slovak and foreign theatre. It was launched in march 2007 by the Theatre Institute along with the information network IS theatre.sk - which monitors theatres in Slovakia and their productions.

The Theatre Night in Slovakia is announced and coordinated by the Bratislava Theatre Institute.

The Cultural Contact Points (CCP) were established in the Member States and the associated countries of the European Union in 1998 in relation to the preparation and implementation of the largest Community framework programme entitled ”Culture 2000 programme” in support of culture.

The European Contact Point Slovakia (ECP).

Objectives: The modern and constantly updated website, www.theatre.sk, offers information about the Theatre Institute’s activities, projects and current work, and provides an integrated view on theatre culture in Slovakia. It is written in Slovak and English language.

The Institute cooperates with culture and theatre institutes, organization, and theatres in Slovakia and abroad.

Awards: “Dosky 2010” - best young performance of the year 2010- M.H.L.- dir.: Slava Daubnerová, Studio 12/Theatre institute and P.A.T.
“Dosky 2009”- nominated for the prize of best young performance- The woman through the dec, dir.: A.- Totiková

Plans: By joining a network of international and non-governmental institutions (ITI, ENICPA, IETM, SIBMAS, Culture Action Europe, FIRT, AICT) the Institute has improved its services for Slovak theatres, theatre professionals and the general public. Through its continuous, concentrated and professional work, the Theatre Institute, in the context of Slovak theatrical and cultural consciousness, functions an equal partner as well as providing an inspiring element to the Slovak theatre.