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Lublin Dance Theatre, Poland

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Information about institution: 

Lublin Dance Theatre was established in 2001 by Hanna Strzemiecka, the Theatre’s choreographer and artistic director. However, LDT originates from the Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology (1993), which was one of the first, independent contemporary dance theatres in Poland. After several years from the start of its operation the Group developed its own original style and started to be recognised in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the consistent implementation of their artistic mission a professional dance theatre was established at the Culture Centre in Lublin. Since 2006 the Theatre's director is Ryszard Kalinowski. Beata Mysiak joined to Theatre in 2005, while Anna Kalita has been supervising the group since 2007.
The artistic and organizational activity of Lublin Dance Theatre focuses on the creation of space for a vivid dialogue with the spectator about the condition of the today’s human being, as well as on the promotion of contemporary dance art as a means of expression full of intellectual and emotional potential. 
Lublin Dance Theatre has been searching for their own specific form of expression through:
the creation of the type of movement based on the body’s physicality, displaying dancer’s individual expression and three-dimensional existence of the body in space ; using a gesture as a means of creation of a specific feature of the created role or the performance’s atmosphere ; creation of the architecture of space focused on the relations and meanings of the temporal and spatial arrangements.

Lublin Dance Theatre has been a participant of numerous festivals and presentations in Poland: Bytom, Kraków, Warszawa, Gdansk, Poznan, Olsztyn, Łódź and worldwide:  USA, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, the Netherlands, Finland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Austria. 

Lublin Dance Theatre, both individually or in cooperation with the Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology, also initiates and organises cultural and educational projects, such as the annual International Lublin Dance Theatres Festival - since 1997, Contemporary Dance Forum for Polish Dance Theatres – since 2003, Chagall Festival in Lublin – 2003, Polish Contemporary Dance Festival in Helsinki – 2004, International Dance Day - since 2008.


Historie, których nigdy nie opowiedzieliśmy /Stories we have never told from Lubelski Teatr Tańca on Vimeo.