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2014 Tolerance Festival

Sylwia Śmigiel

“Us and Them = Us”

Festival of readings

From 22nd to 23rd November 2014, the Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe in Saint Petersburg will offer a festival of readings, featuring new drama, poetry and prose texts from across Europe dealing with the theme of tolerance.

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22nd of November:

3:00 pm - Purification, Sofi Oksanen (Finland)

5.00 pm - Human factor, François Emmanuel (Belgium)

8.00 pm - Woman and War, Alen Polz (Hungary)

23rd of November:

3:00 pm - Birushi, Olzas Janaidarov (Kazackstan)

5.00 pm - Classmates. History in 16 lessons, Tadeusz Słobodzianek (Poland)

7.00 pm - Russian and literature, Maxim Osipov (Russia)

9.00 pm - Child of Europe, poems by Milosh, Brodsky, Shimborska

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Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe

The Maly Drama Theatre was founded in 1944 by a decision of the local executive committee. With neither artistic direction nor own building, the company remained largely unknown to the city. This changed in 1973, when a young student of Tovstonogov, Yefim Padve, was invited to become its director. He soon gathered a group of young playwrights and directors, one of whom was Lev Dodin, who became its new artistic director in 1983. From then on, productions at the Maly gained acclaim in Russia and abroad. In 1991, the Maly became a member of the Union of the Theatres of Europe and in 1994, it opened its “Russian Season” in Paris. Today, the Maly Drama Theatre troupe includes 56 actors, mostly made up of current or former students of Lev Dodin, who has been teaching at the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy since 1969. In 1999, the Maly inaugurated a small 50-seat theatre as a laboratory for a new generation of actors and directors.

source: http://www.union-theatres-europe.eu/UNIQ141573474809621/en/Maly_Drama