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Operation “Exorcism” - premiere of documentary performance created within EEPAP artistic residency


The World Theatre Day in Lviv, Ukraine will be celebrated by the premiere of the unique documentary performance “The Spirit of Theatre: Operation >>Exorcism<<” ("Дух театру: операція >>Екзорцизм<<") created as part of the “Actors. Performance. Research” project conducted within EEPAP Residency Program


The “Actors. Performance. Research” project aims to research the transformations of acting as a profession and its social meaning in XX century and contemporary Ukraine. The project traces personal experiences of several generations of actors of Lesia Ukrainka State Drama Theatre in Lviv, taking social and artistic networks and hierarchies as a lens to investigate Soviet and contemporary period of the Lesia Theatre history and history of Ukrainian theatre in general.
The project is a critical investigation of the space of performativity: it is being realizsd simultaneously in two spaces: concrete theatre venue and virtual space of the online platform.
The project has been conceived and curated by Oksana Dudko.

The performance itself, directed by the established Ukrainian playwright and theatre director, Pavlo Arie, is based on workshops, discussions, theatre ‘tales’ and archival materials, and it is a performative exploration of the Lesia Ukrainka Theatre genius loci.
The cast consists of the senior actors of the Theatre, as well as young, emerging actors – students of Theatre Studies and Acting Department at Ivan Franko University in Lviv.
Cast: Zhanna Tugai, Khrystyna Lanska, Tetiana Frolova, Natalia Zajtseva, Ivan Dovgaliuk, Anna Yepatko, Inna Lychovyd, Yurii Sulyk, Dmytro Naumets.

The first public presentation of the performance was held in February 28, 2016.

The premiere will take place in March 27, 2016 at the First Stage of Contemporary Dramaturgy Drama.UA with its seat at the Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theatre in Lviv, Ukraine.

The project is organized by Centre for Theatre Research and Education / Lviv (Центр театральних досліджень і освіти / Львів) in cooperation with: Lesia Ukrainka State Drama Theatre / Lviv (Львівський драматичний театр імені Лесі Українки), Art Workshop Drabyna/ Lviv (Мистецька майстерня “Драбина” / Львів), First Stage of Contemporary Dramaturgy Drama.UA / Lviv (Перша сцена сучасної драматургії “Драма.UA” / Львів), and EEPAP.

More about the performance: https://web.facebook.com/events/236914116659232/

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