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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

World Premiere of "Made in BY", a film on alternative culture of Belarus: 5 and 10.03, Prague, Czech Republic


Placing red and yellow blocks in a public space, donning pink dresses and wearing signs that read "I'm not gay" around their necks or getting naked during a theatre performance. Is this how artists express their disapproval of the current political regime? No. Still in Belarus, they face prison for such actions. The last dictatorship in Europe does not have a sense of humour or any understanding of contemporary art. But thanks to this, a rich underground scene is emerging, producing provocative shows, photographs, paintings and performances. Made in BY is a fresh product full of alternative culture that reflects the most pressing problems of present-day Belarus. One World presents the world premiere of the film. - See more at: http://www.oneworld.cz/2015/films-a-z/29130-made-in-by#sthash.nb9EHcZm.dpuf


One World: International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
Luigi Milardi (director)

Made in BY - Trailer