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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for ECLAP 2013, Portugal


Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment

ESMAE/Teatro Helena Sá e Costa
Rua da Alegria, 503 - 4000-045 Porto (Portugal)

Date: 8th-10th of April, 2013


  • Submission of Sections: 21st of December 2012
  • Submission of papers to the General Track: 31st of January 2013
  • Submission of papers to the Workshops/Sessions: 31st of January 2013
  • Response to the Authors: 15th of February 2013
  • Camera ready version in DOC/Latex with the correct format: 28th of February 2013


E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.eclap.eu/eclap2013 

source: http://www.eclap.eu

The Information Technology age has brought about many significant changes in the field of cultural heritage and continues to be a dynamic and exciting forum for the emergence of new possibilities. This wave of change has particularly had significant consequences in the field of Performing Arts, where the vast potential for digital content and new information technology exploitation continues to reveal itself, opening the doors to new and as yet unexplored synergies.

ECLAP is pleased to announce the 2013 Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment. Established with co-funding from the European Commission (ICT-PSP), ECLAP is a Best Practice Network that aims to create a network of experts and media access service for performing arts institutions in Europe, along with an e-library for the performing arts.

The ECLAP 2013 conference is open to researchers, professionals, industries, institutions, technicians, and practitioners in the area of performing arts and information technologies, media entertainment, technology enhanced learning, intelligent media systems, acoustic systems, cultural heritage, open data, content management, semantic models, metadata standards, and many others. The ECLAP conference aims to create a forum in which progress-oriented individuals and institutions within the aforementioned professions can find a place to collaborate and present results. We cordially invite all interested groups and individuals to submit proposals for sessions within the event, sessions, papers, posters and exhibitions. Each exhibition session offers space (booths and tables) to host demonstrators. Demo and poster sessions will also be organized.

The ECLAP 2013 conference will confirm a keynote-speaker lineup consisting of some of the most salient voices in the field and is currently looking to put together a set of sessions and panels that will conform to a standard of excellence. The conference will comprise selected top-level papers, which will be published complete with ISBN and largely indexed via Springer (pending), and promoted in the most relevant indexing engines.

Topics of the General track on Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment include, but are not limited to:

  • Media Annotations and tagging, solutions and interfaces
  • Media grid processing and semantic computing
  • Social media technologies and solutions
  • Cross media and multimedia mining
  • Mobile solutions and tools
  • Multimodal interactive systems
  • Recommendations and suggestions, collective intelligence
  • Video analysis, indexing and summarization
  • Collaborative and cooperative systems
  • Multilingual and natural language processing
  • Content digitisation & preservation practices
  • Content production models and tools
  • Linked Open Data, aggregated media
  • Indexing and search, filtering, information retrieval, Emotion analysis
  • Metadata quality, mapping and ingestion models and tools
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Production, Consumption, Creative Reuse of digital content
  • Creative technologies for cultural Heritage
  • Live Performance technologies and solutions
  • Audio processing and tools for large events and installations
  • 3D and 4D technologies and tools
  • Augmented reality solutions
  • IPR management systems
  • Business models
  • Data and media protection

Submissions should be original and not submitted and/or published in other journals or conferences. The ECLAP Program Committee members will review the proposals (papers, posters, exhibitions) and select the ones for presentation. Only the papers selected by the Program Committee will be presented at the ECLAP 2013 conference and published in the conference proceedings.