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“Nikolay Binev” Youth Theatre, Bulgaria

Sylwia Śmigiel

FRIDA - "Youth theater" Nikolai BINEV- Kaloyan Paterkov trailer

Kaloyan Paterkov trailer - "THREE SISTERS"" - YOUTH THEATRE "NIKOLAY BINEV" - Sofia

"STEPPING OUT" - "YOUTH THEATRE "NIKOLAY BINEV" - Kaloyan Paterkov trailer

Information about institution: 

Vladimir Lyutskanov is the director of the “Nikolay Binev” Youth Theatre. The most important personnel are: Petar Kaukov, deputy director, Petko Avramov, technical director, Irina Nikolova, marketing manager, Kremena Dimitrova, PR.

At the end of 1944, under the management of P.K.Stoychev, the Childeren’s National Theatre was established as a branch of the National Theatre. Its first premiere was held on January 25th 1945 – “The Master Cat; or, Puss in Boots” by Charles Perrault, dramatization by Nina Stoycheva-Danchova, directed by P.K.Stoychev. The dream of Bulgaria’s first children’s theatre had been turned into reality.

Since 1946 the theatre has been considered an independent state cultural institution entitled National Theatre for Youth. Gradually, the company developed two different repertoire sections - one for kids and teenagers, one for adults.

The Youth Theatre has always been respected – not only because of its performances for young audiences, but also because of its exciting stage interpretations of classical and contemporary adult plays/novels.

The Youth Theatre has always worked in close relations with some of the best actors, directors, designers, and composers Bulgaria has to offer. Its uniqueness as a theatre, which is committed to creating work both challenging and accessible to the widest range of audiences, keeps it vibrant and appreciated by many people. The Youth Theatre is considered to be “the theatre of all generations” and envisions to create “family productions” which will inspire and attract all generations to a single performance.

In addition to the core repertoire of the theatre, the new management body established in January 2007 a Programme titled “The Young at the Youth Theatre”. This platform is based on a selection of performances made by graduating students and is hosted by the company, giving them the opportunity to make their first steps into a professional theatre institution.

As an extension of this programme, the newborn annual autumn festival – “Fair of the Young” was launched in September 2007. The third festival in October 2009 presented works of students from NATFA, the New Bulgarian University, Lyuben Groys Theatre College, as well as productions of debutant promising professionals from all over the country.

The festival also comprises activities such as exhibitions of young visual artists, and concerts of young performers/graduating students of music from the State Musical Academy and NBU. The aim is to extend the festival towards making it an international event, gathering young professionals from the region of South-Eastern Europe and giving them the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, skills and – most of all – common understanding.

International cooperations:

Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA), Theatre Epicenter (“Theatre Centre for Young Audiences in Central and South-eastern Europe").

The most important awards:

  • 2011 – Icarus for Best production – “NordOst”,
  • 2011 – Askeer for Best Costumes – Petya Stoykova for “Colas Breugnon”,
  • 2010 – Askeer for Best Actress in a Supporting role – Angelina Slavova for “NordOst”,
  • 2010 – Askeer for A Rising Star – Vasilena Radeva for “NordOst”,
  • 2009 – Askeer for Best Actress in a Supporting role – Stanka Kalcheva for “The Full Monty”,
  • 2009 – Icarus for Best Actress in a Supporting role – Stanka Kalcheva for “The Full Monty”,
  • 2008 – Icarus for Best Actress in a Supporting role – Yaroslava Pavlova for “Pains of Youth”,
  • 2008 – Icarus for A Rising Star – Bilyana Petrova for “Pains of Youth”.