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CoChoLab - Contemporary Choreography Lab Armenia

Information about institution: 

Established in Armenia in the revolutionary year 2018, the Contemporary Choreography Lab is designed to create new possibilities for contemporary dance practices to manifest via training, research, production, and exhibition. Its mission is to revolutionize the way the contemporary dance and choreography are perceived both by the audience and the artistic and professional communities in Armenia.

Short history: 

CoChoLab comprises of five spaces, namely LearningReflectionProductionExhibition, and Residence.

Everything starts with learning. However, learning can be different. CoChoLab’s mission is to introduce and promote different forms of learning experience through thorough learning design and best practices.

CoChoLab’s Learning Space includes Contemporary Dance School designed for kids, teenagers, and adults with or without professional dance background. It involves research- and production-based learning which concludes in exhibiting the work.

The scope of research topics embraces historical and ideological aspects of choreography associated with Armenian culture, the current and recent developments in the field of choreography. CoChoLab provides support for researchers with genuine ideas but also offers its own research topics to those who are interested in choreography.

As a laboratory CoChoLab finds critical to instigate and enrich contemporary choreographic production via training and research. Our Production Space seeks to support initiatives that will diversify established approaches and overcome conventional multidisciplinary boundaries typical to the current trends in choreographic production.

CoChoLab gives an importance to the necessity of displaying what has been produced. The Exhibition Space brings local and international choreographic production to festivals, showcases, and other platforms.