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Les Kurbas National Centrum for Theatre Art, Ukraine

Sylwia Śmigiel
+38 044 2794238
Information about institution: 

The Centre is an art research institution. It has three divisions: scholarly-research, culturologic, and artistic-theatrical research laboratories.


  • 1994 - created by decree of the Minister’s Cabinet of Ukraine. 
  • 1996 saw the beginning of  its work, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. 
  • In 2003, the Center its received stationary premises where it has been situated until now. 
  • In 2007, the Center organized the Les Kurbas Anniversary event in Ukraine and was granted the status of being a “National institution” by the President of Ukraine.

The director of the Center is prof. dr Nelli Kornienko. Among the most important personnel are:
prof. dr Ganna Vesolovska, dr Olena Levchenko, dr Iryna Volytska, dr Olga Ostroverkh, manager Olexandr Chaika, set-designer Volodomyr Karashevskyi, playwrite Neda Nezhdana, actress Hanna Aleksandrovych, actress Lidia Danylchuk, actor Oleh Drach, actress Halyna Stefanova .
Main effort is given to the generation of ideas, the development of young talents and new methods and methodologies, and experimentation in the broadest of artistic realms (it is impossible to do theatre research today outside of a unified artistic context).

The Centre aims to provoke experimentation and to create globally-constructive models for theatre as a foundation onto where one can develop the national spiritual environment, featuring a new Language.

The thought of a new Ukraine with its culturology and art research, is envisioned to provide reintegration into the European and world relations from which they have been separated for well-known historical reasons.

The most important projects: 

The most important projects:

  • “Voice Station”,
  • Publishing project "Contemporary World Drama"
  • Choreography "Perfomance Lab"
  • Free Innovation Theater Academy "Theater as a Document" (work with Milarad Pavich's texts)
  • A.C.T. Studio, “Theater in a Besket” (Lviv),
  • Scientific conference “Art, Culture and Politics. Actual Dialog”
  • "Voice Station"


The development of a contemporary dialogical model: Ukrainian culture - world culture. The writing of the history of 20th century Ukrainian theatre in the context of world artistic culture, through the utilization of new methodologies.

The creation of a wide-ranging system of culturological projects as a mechanism for the re-integration of national culture into the international context; The formation of innovative models for theatrical and artistic education;
Analysis of state cultural policy, proposals of alternative and innovative cultural forms.

International cooperations: 

International cooperation:

  • Etnographic theatre project “Kolida” (Ukraine-USA),
  • Educational project “The Procession of Icons” (Ukraine-Serbia-Netherlands),
  • Conference “Kurbas and World Art Context” (Australia),
  • Project of performances – interruptions in public space “Invisible Generation” (Ukraine-Sweden),
  • Conference “Ukrainian culture as Diagnostical Model of the Society" (France).
The most important awards: 

The Centrum was nominated for the Kyoto Prize (Japan). It won the Grand Prix of the festival “The best monoperformers of the Europe” (Poland). Les Kurbas National Centrum for Theatre Art was nominated for Shevchenko National Prize (Ukraine). It has been the laureate of the  “Kyiv Pektoral” theatre award.