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Mostar Youth Theatre, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Information about institution: 

Mostar Youth Theatre is one of the leading Bosnia and Herzegovina youth arts organizations. We were established in 1974 as the first youth theatre in Mostar and over the past 38 years we have educated and nurtured the passion for theatre among thousands of young people.

At Mostar Youth Theatre we encourage, train, and produce  works of exceptional performers aged 9-25 from Mostar and surrounding area. We nurture the artistic, intellectual, and individual development of children and youth through drama education, performing opportunities, and live theatre experiences.

Our renowned alumni include: Tea Alagić , Belma Lizde – Kurt, Haris Rešić, Snježana Martinović, Nebojša Kundačina, Damir Markovina, Marijana Mikulić, Tanja Miletić Oručević and many others. Former Mostar Youth Theatre members also include sector-leaders in politics, medicine, business, the media and law.


Mostar Youth Theatre offers a full range of classes, courses and programs to engage and inspire youth and children. We seek to let loose creative genius through joyful and imaginative play.

Mostar Youth Theatre employs expertl drama educators and artists of the highest rank and our curriculums are created to align with professional artistic standards. Increasing number of studies show that through direct participation in the arts, young people excel academically while also developing a full array of measurable team, communication, and personal skills. 

Acting classes and creative drama develop imagination, strengthen independent and critical thinking skills, nurture social growth and teamwork, improve communication skills, increase self-knowledge, and provide a healthy release of emotions.