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Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences, Poland




Time: 6th-12th October 2011

The 15th Krakow Theatrical Reminiscenses 2009, "The Ballade of Ricky and Ronny", photo by Maarten Vanden Abeele 

On the rich list of events to be presented at this year's festival you will find performances by international stage co-productions, dance performances, dramatic pieces, pieces combining various forms of theatre art, as well as special projects commissioned by KRT .

"This year’s rich presentation of German language theatrical works is a part of “Tam’Tam: Season of NRW’s Culture in Poland”. Beside the already announced “Amerika”, directed by Jan Klata and “Oblomov”, directed by Alvis Hermanis, we will present “Conte d’Amour”. This unsettling theatrical display won the Grand Prix at the Impulse festival (its presentation at the 36. KRT is an additional award).

It is with great pleasure that we will host the leading representatives of the British avant-garde, the previously announced Forced Entertainment, who will show their acclaimed and exceptionally well-received “Quizoola!” and their most recent production, “The Thrill of It All”. The group’s leader Tim Etchells will produce “From Afar”, a visual project for our stage exclusively, and inspired by the idea of Eastern Partnership.

For the first time in the history of the festival, a separate section devoted to contemporary dance theatre will be part of the program.

We will present our international audience the following productions: “Le Sacre” by Dada von Bzdülow Theatre and “The Rite of Spring”, directed by Janusz Orlik (both titles referring to the canonical work of Igor Stravinsky). We invited two other important productions who are still relatively unknown in Poland: “We are oh so Lucky”, by the Harakiri Farmers collective, directed by Ana Brzezinska, and “Floe” by the Koncentrat Artistic Group.

This year's edition of the festival brings an unusual number of projects co-produced by KRT. Apart from Tim Etchells’s abovementioned project, we will present “Prologue” which is an unique interactive venture created by Wojtek Ziemilski. “The Two in Your House”, by Teatr.doc from Moscow, and co-produced by a number of European festivals, will have its world premiere at KRT.

The program has given individual space to “Beating Lines”, which is a production by the young Bulgarian curator Yanna Varbanova – a project set in the space of the city, created with the help of Festival Lab (a project by FIT – Theatre/Festivals in Transition, an international network of festivals of which KRT is a member).

This year, we limited our programme entries from the Polish dramatic stage to two unusual productions: “III Furies” by H. Modrzejewska Theatre from Legnica, and “The Chorus of Women”, realized under the patronage of The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Warsaw."

Detailed information on the performances and artists are published on the festival's web page.

Materials provided by organiser: Centrum Kultury Rotunda

This event is a part of "Attention Culture!", a cultural programme initiated by the 2011 Polish EU Presidency, which comprises a six-month series of exceptional events and artistic projects, including the European Culture Congress, and held as a part of the Polish presidency in the EU council.

Source: http://www.nina.gov.pl/en/presidency/programme/special-projects/krak%C3%B3w/event/2011/05/26/krakow-theatrical-reminiscences