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International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue, Austria



Time: 1st-11th of September 2013


There are no age or country limits for the application. Requested documents for application has to be sent till the 25 th of May 2013 to [email protected]
1. Completed application form              
2. CV & and passport page (only photo page)
NOTE: When you send your application Please, name the filled documents as "NAME" "SURNAME" "COUNTRY"

More information HERE

source: http://www.ipdinstitute.at/International-Summer-Academy/

Project Introduction

IPD is very glad to call interested participants for its first International Summer Academy in Peacebulding & Intercultural Dialogue, which is going to be held in the middle of Europe, Vienna. Its image as one of the most favourable  places for travelling, has made it more interesting to offer  an exited and comprehensive programme for its participants. IPD offer you a 11 day training, with a professional education from its excellent experts, who are professionals with many years of experience in peace and conflict studies.

Nowadays unfortunately several  frozen or ongoing conflicts between or within states still exist. Conflicts are different and if we can look to the world mankind facing with many new challenges, but on the same time with new dangerous situations: terrorist acts, non-legal arming of conflict sides, redetermination of borders, establishing new countries in the world map, non-providing territorial integrity, trafficking of arm, drug and human; disputes on implementation of transnational energy projects, democratization and false elections, revolution and internal political conflicts, armed guerilla movements, violation and discrimination by nationalists, world economical crisis, climate change and unsafely biodiversity etc. Conflicts are related and integral part of human beings, as  conflicts cause unrespect to human rights, violation and clash of rights.

Existing conflicts weaken every kind of cooperation between nations and states. Without mutual cooperation and understanding, the future prosperity of the region would remain only as a good dream. Taking into consideration of all the mentioned useful thoughst above, we can make a decision on the strict belief, that  opportunities for solving conflicts are feasable. Because in every conflict situation and tension forms IPD consequently faces with the below mentioned common situations:

  1. Desperate situation and non-solving problems are not eternal;
  2. It’s possible to make common decision which both sides;
  3. We can find common values, traditions and similar situatiosn among conflict parties;
  4. Protracted conflicts  on the same time endanger regional development and prosperity;
  5. Any mediation and negotiation actions are better than nothing.


The main goal of the summer academy is to support institutional academic peace education and strenghten peacebuilding skills and intercultural dialogue of international society.