East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Performative Centre by EEPAP and the Centre for Culture in Lublin


EEPAP Performative Centre is conceived as a research and artistic practice laboratory which creates and elaborates discourse around contemporary performing arts practices. One of the core tasks of the Centre is to build and develop discourse and critical reflection related to contemporary choreographic and performative practices. The programme of the Centre will consist of research and residency projects, seminars, discussions and workshops with the participation of Polish and international creators and theoreticians, always combining critical and artistic practice in the field of contemporary performing arts.

The Centre is a new initiative by EEPAP and the Centre for Culture in Lublin, Poland and is curated by Marta Keil.


Its mission is to create a space which enables an open, animated dialogue, not subordinated to the market principles and free from hierarchical academic structures. The Centre’s main goal is to offer the artists, thinkers and culture workers time and space to think and practice instead of forcing them to produce a new event, “a cut-and-dried commodity.” The space of the Centre is liberated from the necessity to continually produce new shows, plays, events, premieres and showcases. Instead, the Centre offers a space which is focused on developing the choreographic and performing arts practices and, by doing so, on strengthening a critical reflection around them in the social, political and economic context.


The first activities of the Performative Centre will take place in Lublin at the 21. Konfrontacje Festival