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The 3rd edition of dunaPart - Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts

Sylwia Śmigiel

The Hungarian Theatre Critics' Association, the Trafo - House of Contemporary Arts and theIndependent Performing Arts Association will organise next spring the 3rd edition of dunaPart - Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts.

 A team of six curators will assure all the participants that you are going to see the very best of Hungarian independent groups' works.

Please save the dates: between 2nd-8th of March 2015 the so called extensive program mostly aims the non-European curators, managers, critics (including the best shows of the repertory theatres), the so called intensive program between 5th-8th of March 2015 focuses more on the works of independents.

Background, purpose, idea: 

Three devoted Hungarian organisations, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, the Independent Performing Arts Association and the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association have joined forces to organise the event, which is a merge of the dunaPart platforms of 2008 and 2011 and of the Hungarian Showcase of 2013.

The programme will be curated by a board of theatre experts and critics (Beáta Barda, Lívia Fuchs, Tamás Jászay, Noémi Herczog, Csaba Králl and Andrea Tompa) and will be finalised by November 2014. Guests will have the opportunity to see the performances in their original environments with English surtitles or simultaneous translation.

Although the participating shows have not yet been lected, our aim is to include both theatre and dance performances in the programme with equal emphasis. Alongside the presentation of established independent theatre makers of international recognition as well as the upcoming generation, a strong and exciting emerging wave of Hungarian dancers and choreographers will also be presented.

Our objective is to present the outstanding representatives of the independent Hungarian performing arts scene, to help them and the whole field in their further integration in the international professional network. With the narrowing opportunities for artistic development to be observed especially in the independent arts scene and especially in Hungary, it is the explicit ambition of the organisers to offer international and more diverse contexts to the artists and the other stakeholders in order to find new ways of development.

Additional important information: 

Guests participating in the extensive programme will have the opportunity to see two shows a day, will be able to take part in site visits, discussions and professional programmes with a special emphasis on the role of women in Hungarian theatre. The intensive programme will include four to five shows a day, further professional events in the mornings, opportunities to meet the artists and to get a more in-depth picture of the Hungarian independent performing arts scene.

Overseas guests and those who are able to devote a full week of their time are welcome to join us for both programmes running from the 2nd to the 8th of March.

Registration is already open, so please visit our website and register now for the event to receive immediate news about the evolving programme and other practical info.

As many of you may have heard about it, the Hungarian Theatre Critics' Association is not among those organisations that earn a lot of money from the Hungarian government: we are still waiting for the results of some grants. It means that we cannot cover travel or accomodation, but we'll do our best to make your stay comfortable and wealthy. It is crucible for us to have as many professional theatre critics, journalists, curators, festival managers around as we can: we ask for your support and encourage you to publish your honest opinion on the selection, on the state of Hungarian cultural affairs etc.

More details here: http://dunapart.net/en/home.html