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9th International Festival of Contemporary Dance TANECVALMEZ, Czech Republic





Thursday, 2nd June 2016 - Cultural Centre of Valašské Meziříčí

19:00                    performances of dance schools from the region

19:45                    VerTeDance - Simulante Bande

VerTeDance - Simulante Bande

VerTeDance is returning to the festival TANECVALMEZ after two years. This year, the dancers are heading to Valašské Meziříčí equiped with wheelchairs to perform their award-winning choreography Simulante Bande accompanied live by the music group DVA.

The performance explores limits of physical disability, discovers new possibilities of dance expression of the handicapped and goes well beyond any limitations.

The choreographers Veronika Knytlová and Tereza Ondrová want to point out that disability is a very relative term. The intelligible and comprehensive as well as aesthetically pleasing and humorous choreography acquaints the viewers with everyday problems, interpersonal and even intimate relationships of the handicapped.

Simultaniously, they tear apart prejudices and stereotypes associated with disabilities, whether it is the approach of others and their condescension, or conversely the idea that a wheelchair user ought to be a good person just because of his dissability. They simply try to show that people with dissabilities are like anyone else - with positives and negatives characteristics alike.


Saturday, 11th June 2016 - Cultural House Zašová

19:00                    performances of dance schools from the region

19:45                    Burki&Com - The Wilds: The Vanity of Plumage

Burki&Com - The Wilds: The Vanity of Plumage

"Grotesque essay on the beauty and guile of nature in all of us, on missing heroes and narcissism, on the fight for survival and the intraspecific aggression that drives us forward in the form of personal ambitions and conditioned dreams of happiness. Through motion visualisation, uniquely beautiful basic reflexes, motivational processes and intuitive behaviour, Jana Burkiewiczová leads us into a paradise where dancing creates silence, screams, pleasure and the omen of death in a fast sequence of situations, texts and images," reads the summary of the latest production by Burki&Com called The Wilds on their website.

Choreographer Jana Burkiewicz is not relying solely on displaying scenes of wilderness and animalism, she also uses the natural realm as a reference to the world of humans and highlights the parallels between them. The boundary between animal and human behavior is often almost invisible. She asks what is nature and points out that people are (despite themselves) ruled by primitive drives and instincts.

The choreography is not scarce on deeper messages nor humorous moments. It works well with tension and uncertainty - one can never be sure if seduction and innocent games will not end in violence.


Sunday, 23rd October 2016 - Zlín Municipal Theatre 

19:00 - Kader Attou - Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle - The Roots

This year you can look forward to a true dance delicacy - the superb French company of Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle will visit Czech Republic for the first time.

The Roots is a thrilling show that mixes various dance styles - hip-hop, break dance and contemporary dance. A group of festival organizers had the opportunity to see the choreography last October in Oslo, Norway, and they was absolutely mesmerized.

Choreographer Kader Attou has a phenomenal ability to combine different forms and styles into a unique, energetic and dynamic choreography. Just when you think there is nothing more that could surprise you and the performance has already reached its peak, you will be left breathless only moments later.

If you belong among dance enthusiasts of any kind, you cannot miss the performance in Zlín on Sunday, October 23rd at 19 o'clock.