East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw Zawirowania Dance International Choreographic Competition, 18-20 Nov 2016 (Warsaw, Poland)


The WarsawZAWIROWANIAdance INTERNATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION is a project concentrated on presenting artists from a variety of countries in Warsaw—both young, emerging talents and professionally experienced choreographers and dancers. We take into account the full variety of styles, movements and phenomena which characterize contemporary dance.


The goal of WarsawZAWIROWANIAdance is to create an interesting offering for the public: the opportunity to attend a prestigious, international dance event in the capitol city.



An important element of the WarsawZAWIROWANIAdance competition is the involvement of several other Warsaw institutions connected with dance: the Warsaw Dance Platform (a Warsaw choreography competition), the International Zawirowania Dance Festival (which will feature performances by the winners). It is our hope that from this event there may result a continuing, long-term cooperation in promoting contemporary dance.


A key feature of the project is its international character. Thanks to this, the artists performing during the 3-day event, the event organizers, and above all the spectators will have a chance to experience for themselves the essence of dance:it being one of the few phenomena in contemporary art which knows no linguistic, religious or cultural barriers. Quite the contrary, every form of otherness gives an additional value of originality to a fleeting and unrepeatable work of art and life.


See the open call for the copmetition here (deadline - 30 September 2016).




Zawirowania Dance Centre