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Invitation Moving Meetings Dance 2013, The Netherlands


The Netherlands

Dutch Performing Arts would like to invite you to Moving Meetings Dance, the international professionals program on October 3rd - 6th 2013 during the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The program will start on Thursday October 3rd at 20.00 hrs and will last until Sunday October 6th at 17.00 hrs. You can register for Moving Meetings Dance now.

source: http://www.culturalexchange-cn.nl/news/invitation-moving-meetings-dance-2013

Dutch companies and makers, both well-known and new talents, will present themselves, their work and projects. Apart from pitches and live trailers, you can also visit the full length performances in the regular programme of the Dutch Dance Festival (October 4th, 5th and 6th).

Program Moving Meetings

The following choreographers and dance companies have been selected for showcases and pitches on Friday October 4th:

Arno Schuitemaker (DansBrabant), Liat Waysbort (Dansateliers), Itamar Serussi, Jelena Kostic (DansBrabant), Giulio d’Anna (Dansateliers), Mor Shani (ICKAmsterdam), Loïc Perela (Dansateliers),  Panama Pictures / Pia Meuthen (DansBrabant), Cecilia Moisio (Dansmakers), De Dansers,

ISH/Marco Gerris, MAAS / Duda Paiva, Project Sally, Danstheater AYA, NB Projects/ Nicole Beutler, Sanja Mitrovic (Stand-uptall), Diego Gil (Het Veem Theater), Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (Het Veem Theater), Erik Kaiel / Arch 8

Program Dutch Dance Festival

Apart from these showcases, you are invited to see performances in the regular program of the Dutch Dance Festival. Tickets will be available in July. If you register, you will automatically receive a list of performances for which we can provide tickets.

During the Dutch Dance Festival you can get tickets for the following choreographers and dance companies:

  • Conny Janssen Danst - How Long is Now
  • Club Guy & Roni  - Midnight Rising
  • ILL Skill Squad / DOX - 155
  • Alida Dors/BackBone & MC Theater - Coffee & Cigarettes #3 (première)
  • Keren Levi - The Dry Piece
  • Het Nationale Ballet - Corps
  • Introdans - Kilar
  • Nederlands Dans Theater II - Sara
  • Ann Van den Broek/ WArd/waRD - The Red Piece
  • Lloyd Marengo / Don’t Hit Mama - Father Father
  • T.R.A.S.H. - We must be willing to let go
  • Samir Calixto / Korzo producties - 4 Seasons
  • ICKamsterdam - Addio alla Fine (theatre première)
  • Scapino Ballet Rotterdam – new work
  • A Taste of Act Your Age – duets by Mor Shani and Giulio D’Anna  
  • Secrets revealed - open studio by Internationaal Danstheater, Joeri Dubbe and Gotra | Joost Vrouenraets.


For registration, please fill in this form.

Registration provides you with unlimited entry to the showcases, free tickets for all full length performances of the Dutch Dance Festival and information in English during the professionals program of Moving Meetings Dance. We also offer you network opportunities during lunch and dinner on October 4th, as well as a communal lunch on Sunday October 6th. A special hotel rate can be booked through the hotel deals.


If you have any questions about your registration, programme etc., please contact Susanne Moed: [email protected]

More information: http://www.culturalexchange-cn.nl/news/invitation-moving-meetings-dance-2013

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