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Alina Abdullayeva - Film producer, coordinator of cultural programs

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Alina Abdullayeva works for MOTOR film productions.

She holds an MA in scriptwriting from the Baku State University of Art and Culture in Azerbaijan and is the founder of MOTOR Film Productions.

She is an award winning director and participant of many film projects, international workshops and training programs. She has 8 years of experience in coordinating cultural projects  and audio-visual productions . She is a member of the “Independent Caucasus filmmakers Association” (IFASC).

Alina Abdullayeva currently works as a producer/scriptwriter and coordinates the “woMEN” (gender & cultural) project where female directors work on short films with males as leading characters.

The most important projects: 

Some of her major projects include:

Producer :

  • 2009 - “Be happy!” documentary, DV, 28’ Switzerland -Azerbaijan
  • 2005 - “Caspian bride” short, 35mm, 7’ Germany-Azerbaijan
  • 2010 - “woMEN”(Gender&Culture project where female directors work on short films about men) (release)
  • 2010 - “Clothes hanger” animation, 4’, (Development)

Director /scriptwriter:

  • 2008 - “OH-LA-LA!” short, DV, 5' Azerbaijan
  • 2006 “Try not to breathe” Short, 35mm, 15' Switzerland -Azerbaijan


  • 2010 - “MATCHMAKER” Mockumentary (Script development)
  • 2009 “One step” short, DV, 30’ Azerbaijan
  • 2003 “Small omission” Short, 10' Azerbaijan

Line Producer / 1AD:

  • 2007 - “ABSURDISTAN” Future by Veit Helmer, 35mm, 88’, Germany-Azerbaijan
Achievements, key awards: 


  • 2011 - Award for best Idea at International Film Festival "New Vision Film" (Kiev, Ukraine) for "One step”
  • 2010 - Grand OFF Gala Award, nomination for BEST SCRIPT “One step”(Warsaw, Poland)
  • 2009 - Development Award from Goteborg International Film Festival Fund for “MATCHMAKER”
  • 2009 - Prize for best visualization for “Be happy!” at Azeri Family Film Festival (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • 2008 - Grant with short film project “One step” awarded by Azerbaijan’s  Ministry of Culture
  • 2008 - Award for Best director at SALENTO FINIBUS TERRAE International Short Film Festival (Italy) for “Try not to breathe”
  • 2008 - Grant winner with the documentary project “Be happy” awarded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
  • 2006 - Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Award for “Caspian bride” (Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • 2006 - Award for “Best debut” from the national film academy “Golden lamp” for “Try not to breathe” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • 2006 - Award for “Best producer” at International Audio Visual Film Festival for “Try not to breathe” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • 2004 - Grant winner with the short film project  “Try not to breathe” awarded by AVANTI training programme (implemented by FOCAL, funded by  SDC)
  • 2004 - Participant of the  BERLINALE  TALENT  CAMPUS (Berlin, Germany)
International cooperations: 

International cooperations:

  • Member of the “Independent Caucasus Filmmakers Association” (IFASC), festivals (see key awards).
  • Training program implemented by FOCAL – Foundation for professional training in cinema and audiovisual media funded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) (Tbilisi, Georgia / 2003-2004).
  • Creative Collaboration Open Space (Istanbul, Turkey / February 2008) British Council’s South East Europe* Arts Project?: a program for the production of projects enriching the cultural life of Europe and its surrounding countries aiming to build networks for dialogue across the arts communities of South Eastern Europe.
  • HERMES (training programme promoted by Fabulafilm and supported by the Council of Europe and Eurimages) (Rome, Italy / June 2009) 
  • ECAD European Cinema and Audiovisual Days in Torino (Italy / November 2009)
  • BLACK SEA ACADEMY 2010 (Istanbul. Turkey / July 2010) The European Cultural Foundation, the Open Society Institute and the Istanbul Bilgi University, in the framework of the STEP Beyond mobility program. Cultural forum for Eastern countries.
  • GO EAST 2010 Conference (Warsaw, Poland / October 2010) Culture & Civil Society. Eastern Partnership in Practice.  Worked as a facilitator (moderator) of the Cultural Panel.
  • EASTERN DIMENSION OF MOBILITY CONFERENCE (Warsaw, Poland / July 2011) Main topics: European Neighborhood Policy, Education, Research & Innovation, Youth, Volunteering, Culture, Sport. Institution -European Commission

MOTOR film production are currently working on the “woMEN” training programme in cooperation with SDC (Swiss Office for Development and Cooperation) and Azerbaijan’ s Ministry of Culture and Tourism . The project’s aim is to bring “woMEN” into the international scene and promote it worldwide through a collection of  DVD’s in which women from all over the world can present their short stories.


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